Romantic Things to Do & See in Vegas

The choices are plentiful for those who want a romantic experience in Vegas; the following are some of the most popular mixed with a couple of less ‘obvious’ options:

 Eat at the Stratosphere Tower restaurant and enjoy romantic sunset views from the observation deck. The restaurant is at the top of the famous, very high tower; you will enjoy phenomenal Vegas views from it. You must book in advance on busy evenings. Moreover, For around 20 dollars per adult, you can also enjoy breath-taking sunsets from its observation tower, which is 1149 feet tall (just over 350 meters), ensuring 360 degrees views of Vegas and surrounding valley/desert mountains.

 A stroll along the Bellagio lake in the day, perhaps having breakfast in the Parisian cafe directly facing the lake, is a really picturesque and somewhat romantic experience. The sun shines and glitters on the Bellagio ‘lake’ and you sip a European-style coffee and croissant (or whatever you like!) holding hands with your loved one.  You will not be alone here, it’s one of the most crowded cafes, especially in the open terraces, but for a reason! The fountain show is on during the day as well, every 30 minutes or every hour, depending on the time of day (more on this in the last paragraph below).

 Strolling along the outside of Venetian (day or night) and strolling along the stunning Mirage tropical garden at night (just outside Mirage entrance). We have videos on these, which you can access by clicking on the underlined words.

 A romantic spa treatment for couples at the Mandarin Oriental spa.

 A stroll along the Bellagio lake at night, enjoying the spectacular Bellagio fountain show (you can see the show in the video on the page titled must-do-see-Vegas. Find a good spot and wait: on peak evenings the show is every 15 minutes.

Gondola rides at the Venetian resort. It’s a little cheesy, perhaps, and certainly not suitable for those who don’t like to be watched by crowds; however, a gondola ride is romantic even if in an imitation canal as inside and outside the beautiful Venetian resort. You may have too book in advance, especially on busy days or evenings. Ask the resort, even if you don’t stay there. You can see for yourself through our video Gondolas and Canals at Venetian resort.

 Eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

 Both the cafe and the overall mid Strip experience (which is romantic) is depicted on the video on the page titled mid Strip Vegas Paris stroll

For those loving nature, the large, stunning Mirage garden area in front, with waterfalls and plenty of greenery will provide, by day or night, a beautiful natural refuge to admire and… hold hands 😉  You may also find it useful to read our Things to do in Vegas on a Budget page, our Free Strip Attractions page, our Haunted Vegas page, our general must-see must-do in Vegas page, our Vegas Attractions ‘Secrets’ and our Peaceful Vegas Spots page