Free Vegas Rewards & myVegas Risks

Besides the many ways highlighted on Get Free Stuff in Vegas and on Special buffet Deals, there are new ways to receive free ‘stuff’ in Vegas (as per myVegas, with a ‘catch’, unfortunately, as we explain further down).  A very popular one is through playing online (if you work at it you will play for free at all times) and redeeming the points you will quickly accumulate.  It’s the myVegas game and it’s currently offered by a partnership between Facebook and the MGM Entertainment group (MGM Grand, Luxor, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Aria); what this game is and how it’s played is discussed below.

myVegas – what is it?

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account already (though you can start afresh using some caution as explained further on) you can play myVegas, a set of decent online slot games operating like a casino slot machine.  As you play you don’t make money but you earn Loyalty Points (LP), released in sets of 10; to play, you need ‘chips’, which are free to get easily (keep reading): you can use those ‘free chips’ (which you can accumulate in various ways, explained below) to play and you will amass loyalty points you can use to redeem free Vegas rooms (with a ‘catch’, as we explain further down), free Vegas buffets, free drinks and other ‘gifts’ from various MGM resorts (in Las Vegas).  Go to your Facebook or Twitter account and do an inside search for myVegas; find and ‘download’ this game application and… You’re set!  It’s easy.  If you need additional information on how to play and tips and tricks to maximize play, scroll down this page.

** Do NOT buy chips (or at least don’t buy them repeatedly after an initial small purchase some find necessary just to get started or to gain the privilege of redeeming 3 items per month rather than 2) after you have used your set amount of ‘free play’ because there are many ways to get your new chips for free!  Moreover, if you started buying a lot of chips, we’ve calculated that it would not be worthwhile if you do the math (chips bought vs.. points needed to redeem rooms or buffets).  Further down this page we’ll give you tips and tricks to get free chips.

You will need a significant amount of points before you can start claiming your free rooms or free buffets.  Drinks, free upgrades, VIP club entries and other ‘smaller treats’ require fewer points.  However, if you play constantly, you will quickly amass the necessary points for all the Vegas freebies you want.

myVegas game explained:  how to get free chips and early loyalty points.

Due to the increasing amount of information, we’ve written a new page on this, which you can access by clicking on the underlined words:  how to get free myvegas chips.

The pitfalls of this game:  you may end up ‘stuck’ to your computer trying to amass your points.  Even if there are ways to let the computer ‘play by itself’, you will still have to check it regularly. Having said this, if you love gambling online (online slots), this program is fantastic in that it pays you back with good deals in Vegas for a very low amount of real money spent (or – better still – no real money spent).

Update on myVegas point redemption and… The Catch

At the beginning you could redeem a great MGM group room and stay entirely for free; then myVegas comps became only partial and one had to pay the resort fee on arrival:  since the resort fees are ridiculously high with the MGM Group, you would have to pay 25-30 dollars (plus taxes!) per night in resort fees per room.  Now things have changed again (but for now long?) and you are no longer going to be charged the resort fee when booking a myVegas-redeemed room.  Tip:  always check over the phone, though we found that the hotel front desk themselves sometimes did not know for sure whether the resort fee would be applied or not!  Moreover, it is now a lot more difficult to find 2 night-stays than it used to be.  What you will be able to redeem is one night in one of the various MGM resorts; this will cost you different amounts depending on whether they are regular nights or ‘bonus’ nights (the latter cost fewer loyalty points); most players will be able to redeem up to 3 rewards at a time, with a gap of 30 days in between (although this changes all the time so always read the fine print in the rewards section once you’re on the actual game page).  Overall, the best strategy is probably to play and book with a partner (one night each), as long as you are willing to share the room with him/her :).  And this is the ‘catch’ (or rather, the ‘other catch’):  with most MGM resorts (and certainly with Aria and MGM Grand) you will be given a ‘petite king’ even if you are booking for 2 occupants.  So, the large rooms which characterized MGM Grand are only a privilege myVegas players are not allowed to enjoy.  For us it’s a huge inconvenience as we always book a room with 2 queen beds or at least we opt for a decent size king room.  I’d say that the Petite King rooms MGM Grand assigns to myVegas rewards are only really good for one person, with a small room and an even smaller bathroom, which is awkwardly located.  Some people don’t mind, but no-one is really thrilled with it; to us the room feels more like a small European hotel room than a ‘grand’ resort room.  Pity.

Note:  when you are in Vegas,  you will not be able to purchase some of the rewards because some of them are not available to locals.  This means that your IP address needs to be from outside Vegas.  To bypass this problem, the quickest thing to do is to purchase them before you reach Vegas.  Otherwise you will have to make sure your IP address is not from the Vegas area 😉

Update on myVegas VIP upgrade

myVegas have changed the bets to enormous amounts and, pleasantly, the cost of chips bundles; you can now buy over 100 million chips (if your XP level is high) for about 20 dollars!  However, now, in order to win a jackpot, you need to spin hundreds of thousands of chips.  It’s all the same except for the thrill of winning millions or billions of chips but… You can easily waste 200 million chips if you bet 750k per spin, which, on many games, is the minimum to qualify for the jackpot.  It’s fun but you are going to be tempted to buy chips and, inevitably, to go through them!

Low-level players are better off sticking to the our general guides.  

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