Affordable Vegas Hotels: Plaza Review

If you are looking for great value in Las Vegas, one of the hotels which will give you that is the Plaza, in downtown Vegas. I must say that downtown Vegas has undergone extensive renovations everywhere, and now it feels safer, it looks cleaner and more modern, but it also offers fantastic deals compared to what you can get on the Strip or even in other downtown Vegas hotels. The Express bus makes it all worthwhile, leaving from a central area easily reachable from any downtown Hotel, just off Fremont Street.

The standard rooms are modern and comfortable. The bathrooms are very nice and modern albeit somewhat small, and the various common areas (theatre, function rooms, ball rooms and the great 24-hour gym). We loved it. Their reception area is very nice, you can enjoy a McCafe area and a Subway area on one end, a fantastic pizza by the slice on the other end and some average to less-than-good restaurants in the middle. No buffet at this hotel, so if you are into buffets and want to stay downtown you will have to go to the Golden Nugget buffet or the Fremont Buffet, both affordable and better than any of the cheap buffets on the Strip; a few more steps and you’ll reach the Main Street Station Buffet, an area well worth visiting for its historical visuals.

On our latest trip they were running a great play-to-points offer and, for a full night of slot-playing, in which I luckily broke even (!), casino marketing approached me and, with great professionalism, offered me to comp the whole stay at their hotel and even gave us 2 free meals at a restaurant of our choice! This is why people love downtown Vegas! They actually still care about you and me, the visitors; they want us to go back over and over; they want us to skip the Strip and enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of Fremont Street. I must admit, I felt flattered and certainly felt like a cherished VIP guest. We keep being comped and we continue to enjoy their hospitality.

I also love their 24 hour gym, which has all the basics of an average gym and, pleasantly, is open 24 hours! I often interrupt my casino playing for a quick 30-minute work-out, only to return to the casino even more invigorated!).

Their pool area is bright and pleasant, but it does tend to get very busy, since the actual pool is small and everybody is hovering around it. You will no enjoy the vastness of the Excalibur pool here, unfortunately. But, the rest is well worth a stay, or many, if you are on a budget! We never mind staying at the Plaza, quite the opposite.

We have made sure we stayed enough time in the ‘best value’ hotels (without compromising on quality) to offer real options to those seeking a good deal. We dislike staying in horrible hotels and, because of the casinos, we expect to stay at 5 stars hotels (or as near to 5 stars as possible) at motel prices. If you are determined, you will do the same. Moreover, if you can play cleverly without getting carried away (not easy to do, I admit), you can even get comped at the end of your stay by a casino host or hostess.

Summary of best downtown hotels in Vegas:

Before carrying on, I wish to stress that in downtown Vegas you can easily choose between 3 hotels: Golden Nugget, Plaza (remodeled completely), the absolutely beautiful (if you like history and good rooms) Main Street Station and the excellent value for money El Cortez (with a completely remodeled, beautiful wing as well as its ‘vintage’ one.

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