How to Get Free MyVegas Chips

There are 5 ways to get free thousands and thousands of myVegas chips:

1 through the daily spin; each day, as you start the game (not the very first time), a daily spin pop up (looks like a wheel) will show and you can earn a small or a very large number of chips with which to play. Do this every day, since this way you will accrue a multiplier (up to 5), which means that your free chips will be multiplied! If you stop one day it will reset to 1

2 through emails directly from the MGM Group.  Basically, check the email address associated with your Facebook account (that you are using when you play myVegas); those emails may go into your spam folder depending on your settings, but they are worth looking for since they can be for high amounts, anything between 10,000 to 50,000 free chips and more!  Check regularly because those offers have expiry dates.

3 through signing up to good Facebook groups such as myVegas Rewards Free Chips.  There are many of them but the majority tend to become a maze of useless offers and useless coupons, rather than focusing on free chips and the occasional Vegas news which may be important to visitors.  Some groups, moreover, seem to be mere fronts for all sorts of pay-per-click coupon websites and similar among a plethora of old or invalid myVegas links) laid out to… get you entangled. It’s your choice, of course, but personally I don’t like wasting time in useless pursuits: when I want links to free chips, I want them easily displayed, of high denomination (500 and up) and, of course, I want them to be valid. Some of the links those ‘dodgy groups’ display are nothing but the daily feeds you can get much faster in other ways (read below), or ‘dodgy links’ altogether.

4 through the daily game feed; theoretically it’s not ‘protocol’ and against myVegas rules; however, many myVegas players have used the automatic feed collector without being ‘warned’ or penalized since the beginning of the game (after all, everybody is capped at 20,000 chips a day collected feeds anyway): the decision is yours. This automatic feed does not to work perfectly for some people, in which case we have a tip below (keep reading); when you are in your Facebook or twitter account, search for the application ‘myVegas game feed’; download it (it’s really simple, it’ll tell you how it works once it’s on) and collect your daily feeds, which become more the higher number of friends you have, capped to 20,000 free chips a day (not bad if you spin up to 1000 chips, but nothing to shout about if you spin more). If the daily feed does not work for you, you can register with a website which will help you collect them: search for the words ‘gamers unite myvegas’ and you’ll find it, very self-explanatory. Unfortunately for some, even this latter automatic feed does not work; so, what you have to do is click on each individual feed (right click, open in new tab – do this for each feed), better if in google chrome (it does not crash when you do this). And, if you don’t want to click on each ‘feed’ or ‘link’, you can install a chrome extension (firefox add-on) called ‘Linqclump’, self explanatory once you search for in: it’s very handy! Scroll down for more tips but… please don’t forget to like us! 🙂

5 through ‘receiving gifts’ from your myVegas friends; you will also ‘send gifts’ daily: once you have the game on (by clicking on the symbol ‘myVegas slots’, on the top left side of screen you will read ‘rewards’, ‘games’ and ‘more’; click on ‘more’ and you’ll read the options ‘send gifts’ and ‘invite friends’; once you’ve clicked it’s pretty easy to see what you have to click; they are both ways of ‘sending gifts’ thus, in a 2-way system, of receiving gifts (free chips and occasionally free loyalty points) from the same people.

To accept gifts, besides the usual pop-up which will prompt you to do so regularly, you can click on the notification tool on the top right of your screen (the world map symbol in Facebook) and click on any option bearing the myVegas symbol; they will often read ‘xxx sent you a request’. It’s all much easier than it sounds; you don’t even need a guide to go through how the game works, but the above is a brief one anyway! Once you have hundreds or thousands of friends, you will accrue a large number of free chips thanks to the send/receive gifts system. We have written a section about accumulating friends (what you must and must not do) on our myVegas tips and tricks page.

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