Mandalay Bay or Delano?

Which Las Vegas hotel room is better for you? On this page we’re analyzing some key options between 2 beautiful resorts: Mandalay Bay and ‘Delano’.  The Delano used to be ‘theHotel’ but it underwent a significant transformation into the Delano Las Vegas hotel, aimed at oozing the South Beach atmosphere: white colors, beach, water… A completely transformation from the previous establishment.

However, although it is certainly different from the previous ‘theHotel’ (for example, the dark interior tones have all disappeared) the transformation is not as drastic as originally expected with regards to rooms and suites:  I don’t find them too dissimilar from Mandalay bay in terms of general decor, though I’d say it’s more modern in colors and furniture yet somewhat less meticulously beautiful; the decor of the public areas is still reminiscent of the beautiful ‘theHotel’, so a beautiful blend of classic and modern elegance.

We have a dedicated review page on the Delano Hotel; meanwhile, the following key points affect all rooms and suites belonging to these 2 Vegas South Strip (at the end of the Strip!) resorts.  A few paragraphs below you will also find a full review of the Mandalay Bay resort:

Classic Elegance versus ‘Young’ Elegance.  If you seek all the modern amenities of a higher-end Vegas resort, such as large flat screen TVs and mp3 stations, you will have those in either resorts, certainly when you book rooms which are above the cheapest they have to offer.

But overall, though both beautiful, if you like soft, large, airy, super comfortable yet classical with a hint of Asian influence, Mandalay Bay is the better option, whilst if you prefer ‘young and loud’ (in terms of appearance) then the Hotel may be a better choice for you.

These are twin resorts so you will be sharing the famous ‘beach’ with artificial waves, which is extremely popular, and a couple of other pool areas and beach clubs, including a topless beach club. The buffet is no longer good enough to warrant any special trip to it; in any case, you will have to walk some distances between facilities and, if walking within the resort is an issue for you, you are advised to consult the resort map and decide which wing (and which of the twin resorts) is closer to your favorite facilities.

Location: They are both at the very end of the Strip, so walking up to Mid Strip (and beyond) is going to be appealing only to those fit enough to do so, even with the use of the free shuttle between Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur.

Mandalay Bay Resort Review:

it used to be a stunning building oozing class from all corners, including customer service. These days, however, after going through a change in guest demographics, you’ll find Mandalay Bay filled with families (and young children) whilst, at the same time, crowded by young party-beach lovers in their twenties. You may find a few convention attendees or middle-aged myVegas guests, but they are, these days, the minorities rather than the majority.

Rooms: The rooms at Mandalay Bay are beautiful; all of them, with their great style and decor, comfortable beds and floor-to-ceiling windows. Even the level-entry rooms boast gorgeous bathrooms with their own flat screen TVs, so you can relax in the (much larger than average) bath tub and watch TV; however, the bathrooms open directly onto the bedroom and, if you have a 2-queen beds room, one of the bed is almost practically inside the bathroom entrance! Not ideal. We have a video of the Mandalay Bay room (we’ll post the link very soon at the bottom of this page). You will not have an ideal Strip view from many of the rooms because Mandalay Bay is so far South Strip, so don’t be too upset if you are not assigned a ‘Strip view’.

Pools – we have a very recent video of the pool areas at Mandalay Bay. We’ll post it shortly (the link will show at the bottom of this page). In brief, you will find a very crowded though large wave pool area, a crowded lagoon area (shallow water), 2 additional pools and one super crowded lazy river. 2 beach clubs including one top-less club where ladies enter free of charge but gentlemen have to pay around 50 dollars to enter (especially during weekends).

Dining. The buffet quality is much, much lower than what you would expect from such a beautiful resort. However, you can eat a one of the fanciest restaurants in Vegas (Aureole) or, if you are trying to save money, at the 24-hour Subway just across the road (Convention side). In between you will find plenty of non-budget restaurants to keep your tastebuds occupied. We have a recent video of the buffet and we’ll post the link at the bottom of this page when uploaded. We tend to upload a 2 or 3 new videos a week, so ask us if you don’t see what you want.

Noise – unlike in the past, it has been the noisiest resort in our last experience: so many families with loud children playing along the corridors or pretty much everywhere! It may have been a ‘loud’ wave of guests, but the demographics are to be kept in mind. I wonder if the wave pool (in particular) and the lazy river (and maybe the Shark Reef as well) are such an attraction for some families that they seem to converge here in such large numbers. For this reason, we are not 100% sure it’s an ideal resort for a romantic stay, at least not these days.

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