Las Vegas Easter: a Good Idea or Not?

Las Vegas Easter: is it the right time to go?  Tips to know are on this page.  Las Vegas EasterFirst of all, the beauty of ‘Sin City’ is that every day is a holiday: resorts and casinos always try to come up with events and celebration to keep a festive atmosphere going.  In addition, here is where many conventions and events take place, not all of them business, such as Nascar or a huge boxing event, or the National Association of Broadcasters convention; these can alter the overall atmosphere as well as room rates, which can spike tremendously.

Finally, every time there is a national holiday period (when schools or colleges are closed, for instance) you can rest assured that more families and more ‘official-holiday-type-visitors’ (as opposed to gamblers, for example) will flock to Vegas.

Las Vegas Easter Room rates are not necessarily higher than average periods unless bookings increase; if resorts notice higher than usual booking rates they tend to increase room rates regardless of when it is during the year; having said this, certain dates during the year are already accompanied by higher room rates, the most expensive being New Years Eve.  Moreover, some restaurants and most buffets will provide ‘themed’ brunches or dinners, which may command a higher price.

Las Vegas Easter means themed decoration changes; for example, the Bellagio Garden will probably be dressed in this theme (and beautifully so, well worth a visit if you are a family or just want to see a beautiful display of flowers, animals made of flowers and much more).

The town of Vegas will have its own Easter events, such as the Easter Egg Hunts (for children); however, all in all, with the exception of the mild differences mentioned above and below, you will not notice a significant change in the crowds or the atmosphere from any other day in Las Vegas.

The pool areas start opening up in full during April and you may notice that during Easter all sections are open even during weekdays; shopping outlets such as the Fashion Show Mall may be either closed on Easter Sunday or operate shorter hours, so double check in advance with the mall of your choice (you may want to read our section on shopping in Vegas).

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