Which myVegas Games are Better to Avoid Running Out of Chips? First of all, it is obvious that any slot game has the objective of entertaining whilst (slowly or quickly) eroding your chip bank. Unless you have hundreds of millions of chips and you bet small, sooner or later you will reach a point where your chip count will be low, at which point it may best to stop playing myVegas and focus only on merely accumulating chips) and start playing Konami (for which you will have diligently been accumulating millions of chips without playing) or even Pop Slots.

However:  besides keeping to sensible spinning (which we talk about on the page how much should you bet on myVegas), there are games which seem to be ‘safer’ for chip retention:  

Any game which seems to go through long stretches of low-pay outs and then provides a big ‘hit’ is risky, unless its bonus is activated gradually and you can monitor it.  So, by default, the better games are those which are ‘steadier’ in their pay-outs and they have predictable bonuses.  These would be games like ‘Around the World in 80 Plays’, which has a relatively predictable bonus both in terms of timing and of the amount of chips paid.

If you don’t like ‘steadier’ games, then your second best option (but much riskier in terms of chip retention) would be games with bonuses which can potentially offer huge pay outs.  These would be stacked-wilds bonuses such as Bet Rock, though as you well know you could be spinning for long, chip-consuming stretches without the sight of a bonus.  

Other games which potentially offer huge pay out bonuses are those with stacked sticky wilds, such as Southern Wilds.  However, in our experience you can go through a painfully large amount of chips before hitting the bonus which, as you also know, could also be ‘un-generous’.

The above is a general guideline (as to which myVegas games are better for chip retention) because, as you well now, no game is as chips-safe as we would like. We have also written an easy guide on which myVegas games are better for chips retention.

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