Aria Buffet Review (Las Vegas)

Aria Buffet review (hours and prices further down). A very good buffet for the more ‘refined’ taste-buds, offering a large variety of good quality dishes for every taste and a mountain of seafood for lunch, unlike most other Vegas buffets.  The price is mid-range (for the Strip) and it’s good value if you compare the ever-more-expensive competitors on the Strip, some of them far less exceptional than Aria’s.  Before I carry on, though, I really want to stress the following:

 As per the actual food served, Aria tends to be a ‘gourmet’ buffet and not for everybody’s palate. If all you care about is average hot-dogs, burgers and average Macaroni & Cheese, Aria may not be for you.  Not everybody has worldly taste-buds, not everybody wants to taste a variety of interesting, higher-end dishes from all over the world. For example, they serve the best Pho (Vietnamese soup) of any Vegas buffet and the best, most authentic pasta of any buffets I ate at in Vegas. But not everybody appreciates ‘Pho’ and not everybody is even aware of what authentic Italian pasta dishes are like or taste like (but I am, and I can’t stomach some of the garbage that’s served at some buffets, as if the pasta came out of a can).  Moreover, health-conscious eaters will find plenty of great options.  What makes Aria one of the best 5 buffets in Vegas (definitely on the Strip) is that the flavors and the texture of the wide range of dishes they serve is of high quality (for a buffet).

Aria Buffet Review: Ambiance. You’ll find it outstanding, f you like modern, bright and airy!  It can be very busy, though. The whole resort is beautiful, huge, airy and modern.  aria buffet review vegasThe buffet is beautifully designed, winner of several ‘eco-friendly’ awards; what you would expect if you went to a high-end, beautiful, huge restaurant, which happens to serve all-you-can-eat dishes.

You will love the space, the huge glass walls overlooking onto the Aria’s fabulous, eco-friendly pool and Jacuzzi areas, you will appreciate the brand new modern décor. You will never wait for a table to clear here, unless they close several sections.

Aria Buffet Review:  Food & Dishes
aria buffet review lunch

the seafood:  a large selection of hot and cold options including muscles, craw fish & crab legs for lunch (and not only for dinner, unlike most other Vegas buffets).  On my last visit they had king crab legs for a regular midweek dinner.  Almost unique for midweek.

the gourmet-quality of some signature dishes such as mouth watering tuna steaks (cooked and prepared to perfection, with plenty of delicate flavors) and delicious fish tacos (the best I have ever had of any buffet anywhere in the world)

almost every station offers one gourmet-style dish – for example, their delicious, flavorful fish tacos, generously prepared with good quality ingredients

no dish is heavy – no heavy creams, no indigestible oils or starchy thickeners

always something tasty for the health-conscious and vegetarians without compromising on the standard expectations of meat & potatoes eaters.  For example, you can find great quinoa, couscous and a plethora of hummus, served with good quality pita bread

A great-quality Asian section under all aspects, from well prepared noodle dishes & soups to Thai curries.  The only other buffet in Vegas which compares to this is Studio B.

the delicious deli section including higher quality deli meats and higher-end cheeses (such as the expensive and full-flavored blue cheese).

Meat & Potatoes eaters who still appreciate quality, will appreciate the way Aria prepares its ‘standard’ dishes:

for example, the mash potatoes served here are not only delicious but also delicate not heavy, with (seemingly) olive oil rather than copious amounts of heavy butter (or unhealthy margarine or lower quality oils); another example is the high end (usually expensive) Capicollo deli meat as the second image on this page depicts).aria buffet review deli section

They also have a larger-than-usual  middle-Eastern section, probably the best in Vegas (buffet-wise), from mouth-watering, fresh pitta breads to home-made-style hummus to hot, spicy dishes.

Vegetarians or healthy-eaters will also appreciate the huge array of well cooked vegetable dishes (such as mouth-watering, flavorful, good quality peas), whilst meat and fish eaters will also enjoy a wide range of high-end options.  Everybody will be spoiled for choice.  Our advice is that you try and sample everything and, after that, that you pile up on what you like the most; otherwise you’ll overeat on your usual favorites and then you’ll regret that you did not try all those other delicious dishes!

The dessert section. My friends, who are dessert lovers, have repeatedly stated that they enjoyed this buffet’s dessert section because, although relatively small (significantly smaller than Bacchanal‘s or even the Rio buffet) it offers good-quality choices. An example of these are the ‘exotic mango glass’ and the ‘oreo shooter’. Lately, however, they added a few more discerning desserts (including sugar-free, of course); some of them reminded me of some delicious Italian ‘pasticceria’ (high end pastry).  Other, more common dessert dishes, such as the ‘cream puff’ are also of good quality.  Having said this, if you are into desserts check our Best Vegas Buffets for Desserts page.

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Aria Buffet Review HOURS AND PRICES

Regular Hours & Pricing

Prices may vary according to holiday weeks and special events.

Breakfast: $21.99*
Monday – Friday
7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Lunch: $25.99*
Monday – Friday
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Brunch: $31.99*
Saturday & Sunday
7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Dinner: $36.99*
Monday – Thursday
3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Gourmet Dinner: $41.99*
Friday – Sunday
3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

*All day, add $16.99 for unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Champagne, Premium Beer and Wine on TAP.

Prices may vary according to holiday weeks and special events.

Location: Located on the 2nd Level Promenade; 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard (almost mid Strip)

Prices are always to be checked because they are subject to change without warning: (702) 590-7111

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