24 Hour Vegas Buffet Pass

The 24 hour Vegas Buffet Pass can be great fun; however, there are ways in which you can really make the best of it, getting your money’s worth and having a great experience in the process, whilst enjoying the food of course!  As for prices, we talk about them further down.

What’s the 24 hour Vegas buffet pass?

And how does it work?

You purchase your buffet pass at any of the Caesar’s Entertainment Group‘s buffets (Flamingo, Caesars, Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood, Bally’s, Paris, Rio); you will either be credited on your players club or be given a wrist band. 24 hour vegas buffet passYou will, however, still have to line up each time and be given a buffet receipt so that the host/hostess can seat you.  Once you have bought it, you can go to any participating buffets you want within the 24 hour period starting from the time on your receipt.

Tip:  if you prefer dinner, buy your pass late in the evening, such as 7pm; this means that you can go to dinner twice within the 24 hour period, since buffet dinners start at around 3.30pm!  There are no limits to how many buffets you can visit during the 24 hour period (hurray!); however, since you are not a machine, you are advised to eat at the very best ones and skip those which are forgettable to say the least.  For this, check our dedicated reviews or our quick-list of Best Vegas Buffets.

 Note: always double check (when you purchase the pass) the number of buffets you can access in the 24 hours (these ‘details’ are subject to change anytime and you need to maximize your pass!).  What’s the Catch?

  Catch N. 1 of the 24 hour Vegas Buffet Pass.  You will have to pay ‘upgrade’ surcharges (see further down the page for the actual prices) to enter Caesar’s Bacchanal or the seafood section of the revamped Rio Carnival & Seafood Buffet. These may be worth paying for some of you (for this we recommend you read our reviews of those buffets); we think you can eat well without paying the surcharges, especially now that Rio’s buffet has improved so much that there’s plenty to enjoy without accessing the special seafood-only section.  If all you want is seafood, then paying Rio’s seafood surcharge is probably advisable.  Bacchanal, on the other hand, is only worth the extra money if all you care for is meat, since the other sections have declined in quality lately.

 Catch N.2 of the Vegas Buffet Pass: The Paris buffet is mediocre and relatively small (though visually a must-see), whilst the Planet Hollywood buffet has plummeted in quality (but not in variety) recently.  If we were to choose for first-timers, we’d go to Rio twice (dinner), then Paris (just for the visual experience), then (maybe) Bacchanal or the declined Planet Hollywood.  Rio is reached through a free shuttle which operates from the back of Harrah’s (awful spot where you’ll breathe only car exhaust) or the side of Bally’s.  It may be worth catching the regular bus service along West or East Flamingo Road; it’s a short, straight ride.

Price of the 24 hour Vegas buffet pass including Bacchanal & Seafood Upgrades

The Buffet of Buffets Pass is $59.99 per person plus tax Sun-Thurs and $74.99 per person plus tax for the weekend.  This because weekend dinners and brunches are more expensive.

Bacchanal Upgrade cost:
Breakfast $15/visit
Brunch/Lunch $25/visit
Dinner $30/visit
Seafood Upgrade cost at Rio’s Carnival World & Seafood Buffet: $25/visit irrespective of meal period

As with all Vegas Buffets, it’s advisable to double check prices by phone as they may change without notice: (702) 862 3530

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