Sterling Brunch Buffet at Bally’s

Is it worth it?  Or are you better off sticking to one of the ‘regular’ best 5 Buffets in Vegas?  This buffet, after a long period when it underwent several changes and then it stopped existing altogether, has resumed service, claiming to be better than before. It used to be served at the Bally’s Steakhouse, which is now closed and has been replaced by BLT Steak; so, the ‘renewed’ Sterling Brunch is now served on weekends (mostly Sundays) at BLT Steak. The ambiance, popular decor has gone and it’s been replaced by a more modern version.  Here they go a step above the famous Bacchanal (we recommend you read our Bacchanal review before going) and serve endless glasses of champagne, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s mixed with gourmet items such as higher-quality lobster bisque and caviar. You will also enjoy freshly prepared sushi, beef tenderloin a good selection of gourmet desserts (but not better than Bacchanal’s). Some items are self-served whilst others are ordered via a waiter and arrive in small sizes. Given the extremely high price of this buffet, you need to think if it’s really for you, especially if you are on a budget. We will come back to this buffet to offer our UNfiltered review and video if you ask us! For now, our general review is offered below:
Sterling Brunch, served on Sundays only, is the only buffet offering at the Bally’s resort and casino in Vegas (mid-Strip); it is also the most expensive Sunday buffet brunch in Las Vegas.

Served in the Bally’s Steakhouse, it is supposed to be the experience of a lifetime, a place where you can indulge in lobster, caviar and a variety of gourmet foods which you are not going to find at a regular Vegas buffet (at least, not usually). However, of course the price reflects that (around 90 dollars per person, minus 5 dollars if you have the Total Rewards players card… Can you eat 95 (+ tax & tip) dollars worth of food?  Only if you stuff your face with caviar, I think; however, you will be served highly filling ‘treats’ like special breads designed to stop you from raiding the caviar section (for example).

It is only worthwhile if you want a truly gluttonous experience and if you do enjoy diverse food with a gourmet slant. If so, it’ll be worth it. Otherwise 95+ dollars will be something you will regret spending. Some people rave about this buffet as the very best eating experience of their life; others say it’s just good food, great service but nothing exceptional that you would not find at a Bellagio dinner buffet, for example (which is much more affordable).  A note on the service:  some have complained that the service is not consistently good and that the seating can be awful, depending on where you are located, bearing in mind the price tag.

The food will find at this buffet:

Lobster, filet mignon, oysters, caviar (which we wish we could find at other buffets), Alaskan king crab legs (already open for you), octopus (basically unseen at other Vegas buffets), various types of cured meat, duck, freshly-prepared sushi, several types of fish dishes and fish soups (including the quintessential clam chowder), cocktail shrimp, beef tenderloin,Chilean sea bass, prime rib, all served with champagne. Besides the above ‘prime’ dishes, you will find a variety of condiments, some gourmets, as well as your average side dishes such as mashed potatoes, risotto, pasta, standard salad, several types of cheese, made-to-order omelettes (where you can even have lobster as filling).

Sushi lovers may like Sterling Brunch because, with Todai’s closing, good Sushi is not easy to find on the Strip (if you come from Vancouver BC, you will not find comparably great Sushi in Vegas, sorry, not even at this extremely expensive buffet!). As per other gourmet dishes, some of them were good whilst others were not cooked nor prepared to the same high standards you would expect from a top-class gourmet restaurant. You will find something you will truly enjoy whilst other dishes will probably disappoint you if your expectations are high.

The dessert section is usually regarded as very good, offering something special either in terms of size (they have giant cookies, for example) or in terms of how well they are made (such as their chocolate chop cookies and their macarons). In terms of desserts, however, in our opinion nothing tops the lava cake at the Rio buffet.  Unfortunately, last time we ate at Rio the delicious lava cake was not served.

So, is it worth going to this buffet? 

If you love some of the ‘different’ dishes mentioned above, especially the expensive ones such as caviar and lobster, and you want to eat a lot of it, then this buffet will be a good deal in terms of price; the experience in itself will also add something to the visit. Otherwise, especially if you don’t like seafood, you may end up wondering what the fuss is all about and why you paid so much for it.

We’d say that, if you don’t mind the price tag and have several days to sample various buffets, this one is probably worth a visit. However, if you only have one Vegas buffet choice, I would definitely stick to the gourmet Aria buffet if you want to stay in the area, or venture out to the fabulous, huge Studio B if you have a car, or even pop into the Bellagio buffet.  Bacchanal makes people happy most of the time, although it’s already quite expensive.

 Reservations: (702) 862-5138 (always check the price with them though we try to update our information as often as we can).

Hours of the Bally’s Sterling Brunch Buffet:

9:30 AM – 2:30 PM; Sundays

Last reservation at 1:30pm.   

Always call them on 702-967-7999 or 702-967-7777 for latest changes and updates; they can change things with no or very little notice.   Or simply call the Bally’s and ask to be put through to Sterling Brunch reservation or information.

Location: Casino Level at the Bally’s resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

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