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Best Suites in Las Vegas.  So many want to experience Las Vegas the way celebrities or high rollers experience it. Given that even the ‘average’ Vegas hotel room is absolutely great and way above hotels in other places, one can only imagine what an expensive suite can offer its guests. So, which are the best hotel suites in Las Vegas?

Clearly, if you have a large budget you can expect to enjoy mind-blowing ‘types’ of accommodation in Vegas hotels, in the form of suites, ‘villas’ and ‘mansions’.

Best Suites in Las Vegas: among the most popular ones

A classic, highly favorite Vegas suite in the 3000/4000 a night price range (prices are very fluid in Vegas, so you can find it for less or a bit more, depending on how busy the place is, the specific time of the year and how much money you have spent in that Vegas hotel group), is Sky Lofts at MGM. Often considered ideal if you require a 2 or 3 bedroom ‘grand’ suite; many TV celebrities stay here.

They may not be accessible (either in terms of price or actual availability) when there’s a peak event at MGM Grand, such as a national sporting event, or in Las Vegas in general, such as super bowl weekend or ‘march madness’. Sky Lofts are often considered as one of the best suites in Vegas, offering guests their own butler, and turn service up to 5 times a day.

best suites in las vegas

Other options among the best suites in Las Vegas are at The Palms, these days picked by the younger clientele, and Planet Hollywood Towers (also often picked by a younger clientele): the latter can actually be more affordable than the rest; moreover, their modern, ‘funky’ décor, coupled with 8feet HD projector TVs, make it a younger-clientele favorite. These days, if you want beautiful yet relatively affordable suites, you can also opt for the super-comfortable Mandalay Bay or Cosmopolitan suites, both suitable for younger guests seeking the wow-factor at manageable prices in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than, say, Sky Lofts at MGM. I find that Mandalay Bay suites are really great value, large, beautiful, comfortable with a really beautiful bathroom (with TVs!). If you are very confused (a common feeling, especially if it’s your first time and you’ve read a million different reviews) and you want to stay in a central location, Aria is always a safe bet: modern, spacious, beautiful, with a choice of suites which may just be varied enough for your to pick one. A safe choice provide you appreciate ultra modern decor.

Caesars Palace (for example in its Octavius and Augustus Towers) and its newest addition, the boutique hotel named Nobu, have a wide range of suites, but in my experience they’re a bit overrated. Dollar for dollar, I would pick a suite at the Encore (which is so beautifully appointed, with high-end everything) or at stunning Palazzo any time over one at Caesars Palace or Nobu, also because the overall environment is so high-end.  But when budget is not an issue, most high-end Vegas resorts will have something that you will enjoy, of course.

Best Suites in Las Vegas: one of the favorite ‘Grand Suites’

A top ‘grand’ favorite among the best Vegas suites is the Mirage Villa which, as the name suggests, is more than ‘just a suite’ (if one can even say that, since all ‘grand’ Vegas suites are simply fantastic). The 3,500 square feet Mirage Villa is a little special: for around 3,500 dollars a night you’ll enjoy 3 bedrooms, a gas fireplace for the romantically-inclined, a ‘cooling’ mist system and, as ‘pieces de resistance’, your own private lap pool and golfing area!

A very ‘funky’, grand, huge suite which would suit anybody seeking modern and space is the Palms 2-story Sky Villas: it’s a 9000 square feet ‘palace’ with a personal glass elevator, a splendid infinity-type pool overlooking the Strip (from a short distance, since Palms is not on the Strip), private fitness and massage rooms and… much, much more.

However, if you think you’ll manage to book the ‘best-ever’ suite in Las Vegas, you may be disappointed. First of all such suites or villas or penthouses are always changing and many high-end resorts have jaw-dropping suites reserved for their top guests; moreover, the very best Vegas suites, the ones which are worthy of a Hollywood movie about the world-elite in Vegas, are only accessible to celebrities or the very top casino high-rollers, those who gamble amounts of money beyond our imagination. Let’s say that 10 or 20 thousand dollars a night spent gambling would not automatically put you in these suites!

♥ The same can be said for the famous ‘mansions’ at Palazzo or Venetian, at Bellagio or even at the MGM Grand: they are strictly by invitation only and you can not ‘buy’ your way into them.

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