Westgate Vegas Buffet Review

Now the Westgate Vegas hotel, the buffet is similar to what it used to be although we will write another update soon.
Off Strip, not an easy walking distance to the Strip, so one must use the Monorail or the Express bus to connect. It used to be one of the favorites with the locals, though now – due to the hotel changing directions over its targeted clients – it’s a hybrid waiting to establish its new identity. In summary, it can be a fantastic deal in that you can get free buffet passes or coupons with your bookings (often a 3-night-booking deal, very good over weekends, which includes 6 free buffets); if you have to pay for it (and pay full price) it’s still cheap but hardly the best deal in town (unless you’re a local). What about the actual dishes and food offered?

Size: this is one of the smallest buffets in Vegas. In fact, the number of dishes offered is extremely small and if you don’t like a section you will be hard-pressed to find a size-able lunch or dinner experience here.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the Westgate Buffet

Open until 11am for breakfast rolling over to lunch until 2pm, it then imposes a very long break before dinner, which is served at 5pm (the break is too long in our opinion and we would rather see no break at all as in all top quality Vegas buffets). At this Vegas buffet you will find basic egg choices (not your high-quality egg dishes of course, though there is a made-to-order omelette service in the morning), basic (but limited in choice) traditional breakfast dishes in a really cramped atmosphere. On the positive side, their plain salad section includes a huge marinated artichokes section, which is often our only vegetable choice; if you care about your health you will have to ask for olive oil, which is usually hidden or simply not available (but often available if you wait after you have asked for it); but at least it’s an option! Otherwise the salad dressing choices are basic and quite unsuitable if you enjoy flavor and low calories.

They serve tasty white garlic bread, decent quality baked salmon, heavy but decent mash potatoes, highly savory baked potatoes (we think they’re far too high in sodium, though), a basic seafood section, a basic fruit section, a small meat section and very basic Chinese and Mexican (both small) sections. The Italian section is tiny and not the good in our opinion; the soups are all basic and heavy or just taste as if you opened a basic tin of processed soup. If you enjoy huge variety and high quality food you will be probably disappointed here. After one visit you won’t probably want to return 6 times, though the 6 free buffets temptation is high if you stay at this hotel, especially because the restaurant alternatives at this Vegas resort are either outrageously expensive or just of equal quality, taste and variety.

One thing we love here is the rice pudding, especially if you are lucky to enjoy a ‘good batch’. The rest of the dessert section is average. We wrote ‘batch’ because much of the food served here is, in our opinion, not cooked here, but rather prepared in bulk elsewhere.

Weekend Brunch is essentially the same with the added bonus of free sparkling wine, which you have to line up to pick up.

In brief, it’s great if you have a coupon and want a good deal; but you may yourself running around many times hoping to find something else besides your initially chosen dish, eventually settling for a second (and third) dish which would probably not be your choice if the range of options were wider. So, all in all, in our opinion you will be eating for the sake of eating and not for a delicious culinary experience.

However, if you have a coupon or a free pass it’s one of the cheap Vegas buffets you could go to, with the exception of the very good & affordable Palms buffet (which is a must-go for budget-oriented eaters who want gourmet-aspiring food).

Westgate Buffet hours & Prices:

Breakfast: 7am-11am Lunch: 11am-2:30pm Dinner: 5pm-10pm
Sat-Sun Champagne Brunch: 8am-2:30pm

Average Cost:
$15-$25 – please phone them to ask for their prices, we have found that it changes often. Telephone: 1 – (702) 732-5111

Update on this buffet coming soon.   Don’t hesitate to nudge us if you don’t see it.

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