Best Vegas Buffets for Desserts

Best Vegas Dessert Buffet: if you have a sweet tooth and love high quality desserts, the ones that make you wish you could return over and over to savor no matter how hard you are counting your calories, this page is for you.  An important thing to bear in mind is that when you enter most Vegas buffets, you will find one of more of the following:

d – pre-made, low quality desserts which lack creativity, good texture and quality ingredients; this is often the case of budget buffets.

c – pre-made average quality buffets and self-serve soft ice cream with the occasional, below average made-to-order crepe.  Nothing to be excited about.

b – a mix of decent pre-made and some good house-made (or house-made-quality) desserts, with great gelato and average quality made-to-order crepes.  Still, no real excitement there.

a – Gourmet-quality house-made (or house-made-quality) desserts with excellent gelato and authentic coffee, cappuccinos and chocolate drinks.  This is where the excitement lies, to the extent that you will return to the very same buffet just for the dessert experience.

The following list of Best Vegas Dessert Buffets is created on the basis of the criteria highlighted above:

1 – the buffet at Wynn.  Yes, for years Wynn was a beautiful buffet which aspired to gourmet but failed short almost in every aspect. But, since its revamp, its dessert section has not only met its original aspirations, but it has unquestionably become the best in Vegas.  On our latest visit every single dessert had the texture and taste (and, seemingly, the ingredients) that you would find in a very high-end restaurant, served at the perfect temperature, either warm or cold (depending on the delicacy).  Ironically, though they do serve make-to-order crepes, it’s the rarer types of cakes that were the most mouth-watering.  There is no  authentic cappuccino maker but there is good quality gelato.

2 – Studio B at the M Resort.  Who could not love their house-made, authentic and unique desserts?  Also, their Italian-style gelato (ice cream and sorbet) is definitely the best and, uniquely, they have an authentic cappuccino and coffee maker which prepares made-to-order options.

3 – Bellagio sugar-free desserts.  The dessert section at Bellagio has always been ‘good-enough’, though its ice cream is far too average for a supposedly good quality buffet.  However, on our latest trip, we noticed that their sugar-free options were tasty, had great texture and were authentic.

4 – Bacchanal.  Though ridiculously expensive, this buffet has a large dessert section which is, overall, above average in quality.

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