Fremont Experience Downtown Vegas

It is great fun for some, whilst others consider it a somewhat tacky place to stay away from. Along Fremont Street you can see endless rows of amateurs dressed up as Elvis or other famous people: some take photos with them (for a fee), others just look and, during peak hours, struggle to move along whilst some extremely loud bands play in the middle or at one of the 2 ends of the tourist area of Fremont Street (pedestrians only).

Cheap drinks are one of the attractions of downtown Vegas, though some still visit in order to see the light show, which you can spot in the video at the bottom of this page. Don’t hesitate to ‘nudge us’ if you don’t see more videos and to ask us any questions you may have.


I do like downtown Vegas because it’s certainly more affordable than the Strip and, some say, the casinos here seem to be more ‘generous’ (at least El Cortez and a few other locals’ favorites). But it can be tacky as well as very loud and somewhat ‘messy’, with large noisy crowds during the weekend. Some seem to have a great time, others seem to dislike the whole thing.


One other activity which could be described as a must-do is ‘riding a zip line’ (it’s an aerial rope slide) along Fremont Street (well, above…). Everybody who’s doing it seems to have fun although it takes a short time compared to having to ‘climb up and down’ it. However, as I said, it’s an adult fun thing to do if you are on Fremont Street and it may be suitable for older kids too.


If you like Bellagio, Aria or Wynn (for example) because they’re classy, sophisticated and somewhat peaceful, then the Fremont Experience is not for you. But it’s a must-see for first-timers, if only because some of the oldest Vegas resorts are here, delighting us all with a piece of history. Main Street Station, just off Fremont Street, is one of those places (and you can see why by accessing the page on the Main Street Station buffet, where you can see several photos of this historical place).


You can view our video of what the Fremont Street area is like now (with the various hotels and entertainment spots) as well as of course our video on the famous Fremont Street Experience, filmed as the ‘experience’ was taking place.  with the various hotels you can stay at, is on our new video Tour of downtown Vegas-Fremont Street.


A newer attraction of downtown Vegas is the Container Park, where everything is make of containers and you can stroll along this mini world and its new cafes, restaurants and even kids’ play area. You can take a peek through this video.