Things for Free in Vegas & How to Get Them

Things for Free in Vegas: this page follows part 1 of How to Get Things for Free in Las Vegas.

4 – The American Casino Guide. I feel compelled to write about this because some websites are plugging it as a must-have; it’s a book which includes a huge list of coupons for all gambling areas of the United States and of course it includes Las Vegas. However, bear in mind that this book is NOT free; you will have to pay good money for it and before you do you need to evaluate if the coupons they have are worth the price they ask for the book. For us it’s useless since we don’t use the ‘freebies’ they advertise but, if you have a lot of time on your hand and want to try all the coupons for free stuff they advertise no matter what, then this book may be for you, especially if you travel to different gambling areas of the United States.

Either way, before you buy it, go through the list of coupons that they provide (which you can find on American Casino Guide coupons before you order this book and, if you wish to buy it, just go to the ‘order now’ page of their website (not ours): American Casino Guide.  But, before you click on the link, we recommend you read further:

5 – Online Games. Sometimes there are ways to accumulate enough playing points to redeem free rooms, free buffets and other free stuff in Vegas in advance.  You play online for free and you receive a large number of redeemable points for your Vegas trip.  This is explained on the page Online Vegas Deals.

6 – Las Vegas hotel ‘promo codes’

(basically a list of Vegas hotel online promotions easily identifiable for the hotels through their different ‘codes’). These promo codes offer hotel discounts as well as other promotions, such as discounted shows (or even free shows), free spa entrances, discounted or free buffet meals. These codes have expiry dates and they change all the time. There is NO website which lists them all every time they are released; however, the best one is ‘fat wallet’, which has a huge section dedicated to Las Vegas Hotel promotions codes; make sure you find the latest thread. We will include some promotion codes (and you can add your own) in the comment section of this site, which we’ll be adding shortly.

More ways to enjoy things for free in Vegas

7 – Local Vegas newspapers and free local Vegas magazines. Some local newspapers offer buffet coupons all the time and those are incredible savings; once we found a buffet coupon where we could eat for one dollar! Sometimes they are geared towards the local crowd (so you may have to produce a local ID), but other times those offer are for everybody. Some of the free magazines in Vegas are ‘Showbiz’, ‘What’s on’ and ‘24/7’. You can find them pretty much everywhere around town and sometimes even at kiosks inside your own hotel. Sometimes they print a few useful coupons for Vegas shows and Vegas restaurants or buffets.

8 – Going to timeshare presentations and tours. This is only advisable if you are thick-skinned (if you can withstand heavy sales tactics geared to making it hard for you to say no) and if you have plenty of spare time. However, lately some of these timeshare reps have become a lot less ‘aggressive’ and intrusive, and their free gifts have become more easily obtained.

We recommend you read part 1 of how to get Things for Free in Vegas.

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