Palms Buffet Review (Vegas): the Cheap & Fabulous A.Y.C.E. Buffet

Palms Buffet Review (Las Vegas) Update 2018:  WOW!  The promise was kept!  Not only brand new in terms of look (remodelled, beautiful and comfortable dining area and remodelled station), but also in terms of quality, presentation and service.

The buffet at Palms was always one of the best affordable Vegas buffets and it certainly provided an oasis to the nearby Gold Coast guests, since the buffet at Gold Coast is one of the very worst in Vegas and the Rio buffet is expensive.  The new ownership (Palms is now part of the Station casinos) has indeed taken this great little buffet to new heights and I think most of you will love it.  Affordability and great food is now back on the menu. 

I go into the dishes further down so scroll down if you just want to read what you can eat there.  If you want to eat at very affordable Vegas buffets offering meals from around 10 to just over thirteen dollars per person, and you want to stay close to the Strip (walking distance), you must try the Palms.  The new A.Y.C.E buffet has now embraced real gourmet offering quality preparation and cooking.  This means that here you can eat for cheap yet very well.  Admittedly, we were there only days after their grand opening, so things were at their best, but every food or drink we tasted was as good as it gets.  I am still dreaming of their mouth-watering walnut shrimp or their great freshly squeezed juices.  Their ‘brother’ (now part of the same group, the Station casinos) Red Rock may be a decent contender, but the Palms buffet is now more ‘gourmet’ and it’s so much more easily accessible from the Strip that… It has the edge in terms of viable options for Vegas visitors.  

How we found it originally (our lucky day):  I was staying at the super affordable Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and I was bored with eating at their very cheap but not-so-good buffet; I was also tired of paying the higher price of the Rio buffet. I could have gone to the Strip or I could have gone all the way to the best Vegas buffet of the moment, Studio B at M Resort. But I was really lazy. I really wanted somewhere close-by and affordable.

Thus, I went to Palms, just across the road from the Gold Coast and a short walk from the Rio. Their price was excellent, slightly over eight dollars for lunch (all you had to do was sign up for their players card, which is free of course). I was hoping to eat a somewhat edible buffet, at least better than the horrific (yet very cheap) buffet at Gold Coast. Well, I was thrilled! It made me wish I’d come to eat here every time I wanted to spend a modest amount for lunch, dinner or for any weekend brunches (which are usually expensive at most other resorts). It is a truly great buffet, especially so if you consider its price.

Palms Buffet Review: Breakfast. The best part of this delicious affordable breakfast buffet are their freshly squeezed grapefruit & apple juice.  People help themselves almost fighting for them so hurry since they are taken away the second the approach lunch time. palms buffet review juices

Egg lovers will park for good here.  Here you will find every exciting way you can think of cooking eggs and… Much more.  From delicious quiche to delicious eggs Benedict to ham and eggs to Frittatas, every dish is well prepared, as well as in a good restaurant.

I would say that for breakfast you will have an egg feast as well as the usual you can expect everywhere else only… Much better prepared!  For breakfast, I would not go to any other affordable breakfast buffet and I would probably prefer to eat here to most other Strip buffets in Vegas.

Dishes served gourmet style: some of the dishes here are served in cute small metal pots and bowls, in a gourmet-style which is now quite trendy in Las Vegas.  But, delightfully, here the gourmet look is matched by the taste and the efforts.  Let’s hope this quality lasts!

Palms buffet review: Food Stations:  I love the way they created their stations.  On the far left you have a very nice ‘Revival‘ station (where you find the fresh juices for breakfast), namely the ‘super healthy’ station devoted to “wellness, power-boosting super foods and specialty vegan, vegetarian and anti-inflammatory cuisine,” including “rainbow chard hash and cauliflower and quinoa grits,” but in short with really innovative and tasty ideas.  Here for lunch they serve delicious pasta dishes made of vegetables rather than wheat (super healthy idea), among other things; you will also find delicious hummus for lunch and dinner.  Other stations are Roastery, Greenery, Hearth, World Pan, Smoke & Fire & Sweet & Light.

All traditional dishes that North Americans expect at a buffet are here, some with a gourmet twist.  For example, the ‘Smoke & Fire‘ station has delicious BBQ options.  There are plenty of meat dishes overall and some very good vegetarian dishes.  Obviously, for the very low price (see below), you cannot expect crab legs for lunch unless it’s a special holiday or weekend, when you can also enjoy craw fish, mussels and other seafood options.  However, there is always a mouth-watering seafood option like the delicious walnut sauce shrimps (I am still dreaming about it)

Palms Buffet Review: Dessert.  the dessert station is bigger than in the past and it offers, besides traditional choices like (well prepared) bread pudding and soft serve ice-cream, it also extends for those seeking more, with delicious mini cinnamon rolls (the smell as you walk along is mouth-watering), real chocolate & cream croissants and gelato (Italian style ice-cream, lighter & healthier than traditional ice-cream) with exotic flavors like cappuccino, spumone (as well as great fruit sorbets and traditional options like chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream).

The Salad station (“Greenery”) is a middle island and, although it does not offer what they did previously such as delicious Tabbouleh & pre-tossed Caesars and Greek Salad (I wish they were brought back), it offers good quality artichokes. Apart from that, the salad section is of the ‘make-yourself’ kind as with most ‘cheap buffets’, with lettuce (though better quality here than at other budget buffets) and various toppings & dressings.  Here you will also find good (real, fresh) pre-cut fruit (the omnipresent water melon, melons and pineapples); at breakfast this station is quite plentiful with traditional hot and cold cereal with various toppings.  For dinner, here you will also find soups and broths, mostly traditional like chicken and tomato soups.

To summarise this Palms Buffet Review, well done to the Palms for providing a truly affordable yet very good buffet, albeit small! It is a rarity this days! Well worth walking from Bellagio or Caesars (20 minutes walking normally) or, if you cannot put one foot after the other, catching the bus on the Flamingo road side of Caesars (very frequent) or the free shuttle from mid Strip (from Palms to Forum Shops at Caesar’s, or from the nearby Gold Coast and Rio to Bally’s or the Harrah’s resort respectively – more on this further down).  I would come here often and definitely during those weekends or holidays when other buffets are ridiculously expensive.  I would avoid eating at other budget buffets (mostly awful these days, in comparison) with a very mild exception for Golden Nugget if I happened to be downtown.

The biggest drawback is as with other budget buffets, there is no self-serve drinks section (something you can now find at many mid-range Vegas buffets), something I prefer now as I can drink as much as I want without having to ‘beg’ the server.  But, because it’s such an affordable buffet, I tend to ‘forgive them’ more happily.

Palms buffet review:  Service. The service at Palms is generally good and courteous.  With the Grand Opening, they were over the top attentive to each customer.

How to Get to Palms: Palms is on 4321 W Flamingo Rd. It’s a very short drive from mid Strip, practically in the same area where Rio and Gold Coast are. As you drive on the Strip, once you reach Bellagio you turn left and keep driving for a short distance. You could even walk (about 20 minutes from Bellagio/mid Strip, which is handy if you don’t want to spend money for cabs after the shuttles stop running, in the early hours of the morning). There is a regular bus service just outside Caesars Palace (the Flamingo Rd side). Palms are now offering their own free shuttle (but always double check with them, because they keep changing it) to the Forum Shops at Caesar’s. The following video can be viewed full screen if you prefer

Palms Buffet Review Hours & Prices

Monday to Thursday:
Breakfast – 8am to 11am  $8.99 with their players card (the same as with any Station resort, you can sign up for free at the Players club booth)
Lunch – 11am to 4pm $11.99 with their players card (the same as with any Station resort, you can sign up for free at the Players club booth)
Dinner – 4pm to 9pm $17.99 with their players card (the same as with any Station resort, you can sign up for free at the Players club booth)

 Another great aspect of the A.Y.C.E buffet is that there is NO break between breakfast, lunch and dinner, unlike at most other budget buffets.

Palms Buffet Review Hours & Prices for Holidays:

Brunch – 8am to 4pm $17.99 with their players card (the same as with any Station resort, you can sign up for free at the Players club booth)

Please note that Vegas buffet prices change often with little notice for different reasons, so always double with with them. (702) 953 7679

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