myVegas Game Tips and Tricks

myVegas Game Tips and Tricks. This is part 2 of our special section dedicated to the increasingly popular myVegas game, and you can read part 1 (what it is, how it’s played).

 myVegas Game Tips on ‘friends’. You need a high number of ‘friends’. To avoid bothering your real friends with annoying game posts, you need to find ‘myVegas’ friends which you can then group altogether. The more playing friends you have, the more free chips you will receive. You should also sign up for the ‘game feed’ application, which you can easily find through the search tool inside Facebook or Twitter. myVegas game tips

Don’t overdo it with friends all at once to avoid Facebook or Twitter marking you as ‘spam’ or from blocking your account altogether; the best thing to do is to add your new myVegas friends slowly, not all in one setting! I’d say 5 new friends per day maximum, even less at the beginnig. Once you have reached a decent number of friends, you will be asked to confirm friends requests, so you will have many new myVegas friends every day without having to look for them. Facebook asks you if you know those people and, of course, you have to either ignore the request or click ‘yes’ (if they are indeed myVegas players, which you can check by their friends, their profile or their activity)’; I tend to ignore that question altogether most of the time, unless I realize it’s real ‘spam’, otherwise you will negatively affect those people’s accounts. Some people have long-standing Facebook or Twitter accounts with their real name, and they have therefore not named themselves ‘myVegas’ (though I would recommend that every player add the nickname (or middle name) ‘myVegas’; when in doubt, before any action, I always check their profile for hints that they are actually playing the game.

 myVegas Game Tips  on… Playing forever? Some have set up an automatic play program in their computers to avoid spending countless hours playing; this is a little complicated but it can be done, after which you can just sit and let the computer play for you… But, of course, it’s very much frowned upon and, because some people used this system far too much (24 hours!), myVegas has now capped the amount of loyalty points you can accumulate per day through ‘spinning’ (aside from collecting from the buildings or the daily bonus): this limit is only 2000 (up to 4000) loyalty points; so, you need to keep an eye on how much you are playing ( = that you are still accumulating Loyalty Points) to make sure you are not spinning in vain…

Your friends’ free chips can be received 24 hours, whilst there is a set daily limit of free chips you can receive through game feeds, which also includes the amount of free chips you can obtain by clicking on various forums posting free chips links.

Redflagdeals (now it’s slowed down a lot) and Fatwallet (which has now ‘picked’ up in traffic and links) are only 2 of the forums you can visit for collecting free chips, though there are many others; dedicated Facebook and Twitter myVegas fan groups (you can search for myvegas free chips or chips share) are also good since they regularly post links to free chips. I have to tell you, though, that I have not needed to go through any of those to get my daily amount of free chips. Don’t bet more than you have to (as explained on this website, see links at the bottom) and you won’t need additional free chips (at least not often), Finally, the game itself offers a daily wheel of fortune-type spin with different free chips amounts to win; if you are lucky, you could secure 80 or 90 thousands free chips, which allows you to play all day long, and possibly several other days, provided you do not squander your free chips by betting too high.

 If you get ‘stuck’: when you collect form the ‘Vegas buildings’, sometimes the page gets stuck (especially on facebook). If it’s the case, play a little and return to the Vegas map to collect from the resorts. If you are asked to receive ‘gifts’ and you do so, wait for those free chips to be delivered to your account (it can take a bit, annoyingly) before collecting from the various buildings, otherwise the page is likely to get stuck.

The Risk: It is my strong belief that, through my own experience and the experience of countless people I’ve spoken to, if you regularly play myVegas, you are likely to get accustomed to betting higher and so, when you actually hit the real casino floors, you will be betting higher than usual, with potentially higher gains but also with higher risks of losing a lot of money. So, bear this in mind and don’t go crazy, because you may loose more money than you were originally prepared to do (when playing real casino slots, which are not so ‘generous’ as the online game anyway). Besides that, there is no real risk as long as you don’t become overly addicted :).

myVegas Game Tips Summary: we have stayed at some amazing MGM resorts through this program, eaten free and even watched some shows for free. If you are a couple, or a group, it pays to sign up individually so you can group the comps and have a real holiday! The rewards are not as generous as they used to be (we definitely dislike the ‘new’ one-night redemption rule, which we discuss on this page, but it can be worth while playing 🙂

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