Cheap Buffets in Vegas that are Good!

Cheap Buffets in Vegas that are good?  An easy, quick list below.  We love this city because here you can eat at very affordable buffets offering a bargain-price lunch for a few dollars and yet… They are good!  Of course there are awful places too where you can only consume the ‘food’ they offer if you have had several pints of alcohol and your mouth can no longer discern what’s inside… We have therefore compiled a quick and easy list of affordable all-you-can-eats which are actually good:

Studio B – although this is not one of the ‘ bargain-basement, super cheap buffets in Vegas, it’s the very best and, for only 16.99 for a weekday brunch, it’s the best deal in Vegas considering what you eat and the jaw-dropping, huge range of dishes you will find.  Ideal if you drive or if you use their shuttle to the Strip. If you want to know more click on the name, otherwise, for cheaper buffets, read on:

Red Rock Buffet – so, so affordable!  Not on the Strip and only do-able if you drive, the Red Rock resort is a beautiful one so a side trip to eat cheap will be very pleasant.  The seating area and food stations are elegant, probably the most elegant of the ‘bargain-basement-price’ Vegas buffets.  However, there will be line-ups.  For details and prices, click on the buffet name.  Although lately it declined in quality a bit, it’s still a must-go if you are after cheap buffets in Vegas set in a beautiful resort (provided you have a car).

Palms Buffet – this one is great because it’s actually a walking distance from mid-Strip, provided you are healthy and can walk  in the heat (if it’s hot).  Otherwise, local buses can easily take you there; alternatively, use the Gold Coast free shuttle and then simply cross the road (more information on this as well as on the buffet and its prices on our Palms Buffet Review page).  

All downtown Vegas buffets except for Golden Nugget are very affordable, as well as most BConnected buffets. However, we did not find them good enough to be on this list, even though in the past there were some happy exceptions.

Silverton Buffet – is generally affordable on weekdays and it’s set in a very nice, small-to-mid-size low-rise resort.  It’s always decent and for that reason it’s made this list.  Not do-able if you don’t have a car.  If you have a to get a taxi to go to an affordable buffet, it becomes much less affordable in the end, so do your math 😉

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