History in Vegas: Places to See

History in Vegas?  Plenty, still! It’s almost like entering a time-machine and stepping into what Vegas used to be like in the ‘old, magical days’; this is what you will be able to experience if you leave the Strip and explore a few select areas of Vegas. There aren’t many historical hotels and casino left in Vegas, but one of the very best is, without a doubt, the Main Street Station hotel and casino (video further down). 

It’s just before Fremont Street, in downtown Vegas, near the Plaza Hotel. We remember how electric the feeling was the very first time we saw Main Street Station hotel and casino and walked along the walkway leading to another old downtown casino. It was a little historical corner, marked by the beautiful old train displayed outside, with carts where legends like Buffalo Bill traveled. You could not go inside but you peek through enough from the outside, even take photos through the windows.  Unfortunately the lot where it stood was sold and the train has just been moved.  Frankly we cannot believe that the Main  Street Station casino has not bought it.  We know that at present there’s a wave of trying to attract young partiers with modern, theme-less resorts, but this will fade and then we won’t have history to fall back to.  The guide below shows you all the fabulous places where you can enjoy a lot of history in Vegas:

The hotel and casino is also very much like a museum display; here you can see the ancient slot machines, old castle-like chandeliers, antique furniture and decor throughout. If you want to enjoy free wi-fi (as you know, it’s not easy to get free wireless Internet in the tourist area of Vegas), the Main Street Station reception and VIP area offers it: you can sit down and soak in the history as well as browse the Internet at no charge.

We have many photos which we will post but, meanwhile, you can view our video of the Main Street Station and of the ‘Buffalo Bill’ Train.  For the most recent videos go to our Real Vegas Videos page.

For more history in Vegas (and nearby) you can read our page on Vegas Attractions Best Secrets page and, for something really special, on our Ghost Town Near Vegas page.

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