Affordable Helicopter & Airplane Rides to Grand Canyon from Vegas

If you hope to spend 100 dollars per person for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, you’ll be disappointed and you’ll be probably better off researching bus tours or even investigating driving yourself. We have some information on bus tours to the Grand Canyon on our Grand Canyon from Vegas page.

If you are willing to spend a bit more for a ‘sky experience’ of the Grand Canyon, you are looking at spending anything from 200 dollars per person to about 600 dollars or, if you wish to book a private helicopter, to around 3000 dollars (including fees) for up to 6 people as a group deal.

It very much depends on what’s offered and where you are flying; it also depends on the package combination you want (some packges include boat rides or motorcycle tours, for example).

You may be tempted to have bell desk (at your Vegas resort) book the whole Grand Canyon tour or package for you; this is fine if you don’t have a budget but, in my opinion, you’ll be better off researching by yourself extensively before you leave any booking in the hand of bell desk. You are going to spend some money regardless of the great deal you’ll find, so you should make sure that the package you book is exactly what you want.

We collected several ‘reputable’ brochures during my last trip in Vegas (very recently!) and we realized that there were an incredible number of options suitable for all pockets. So: do your research! I will include some of the reputable companies offering Grand Canyon helicopter or airplaine tours (which may or may not include other experiences and stops) further down this page.

You can also opt for ‘cheaper’ alternatives, such as a helicopter flight to Hoover Dam (and down the Colorado River for a land-trip to ghost mines, for examples) with one additional ‘adventure’ (kayak, baja jeep, horseback, etc). I found that the brochures you can pick up when you are in Vegas can be more extensive (in detail) than what you can find online, but the best thing to do is to email the various companies directly asking for special offers or outlining what you want and see if they can more or less match it. I think you can find a package suitable for you, especially because some of the ‘packages’ can be tailored-made to some degree.

Of the reputable companies offering a variety of canyon adventures from via helicopter or airplane, are Maverick (large, established, pricey but they do offer deals from time to time), Grand Canyon Helicopters (, Detours Nevada (they offer an optional helicopter tour upgrade in their South Rim package). But the list is not exhaustive. Feel free to tell us your own experience.