Tropicana Buffet Review


Tropicana’s Beach Cafe is a restaurant at times operating as a buffet, usually during special dates in the year and over the weekend.  One of its good aspects is that its decor, ambiance and atmosphere are all very pleasant; modern, comfortable, airy, very clean. It’s a great little place to eat if you are staying at Tropicana or if you are South Strip, say at Excalibur or NYNY, and you need to find a decent place to eat at average buffet prices (though it could be cheaper!). On special days they focus on certain cusines and, if you happen to like that particular cuisine, you’ll be happy here. I went on the 5th May and they had Mexican cuisine only which, however, was well prepared, well presented and all relatively home-made; the number of dishes was limited, of course, if you come thinking that you’ll find the variety of the huge Studio B or Bacchanal buffets, or even the gourmet Aria buffet. On other special days they have different cuisines; we have a short video below showing what they were offering on Mother’s Day: enough to choose from for all taste buds.

The ‘bad’ aspect is that it’s only open for ‘brunch’, as in the case of other, less popular or less trafficked buffets; it’s only open all day long during specific celebration days, as mentioned above. It’s a shame about the opening hours of new Tropicana buffet, though, especially given that South Strip you will not find a good buffet at all, unless you simply don’t care about quality or variety of dishes and only want to fill your stomach. The first good buffet walking from South Strip towards mid Strip is Planet Hollywood and, across the road from PH, the beautiful Aria buffet (well worth walking there, by the way!).

Another perhaps limiting factor its small size. After all, it’s called Beach cafe, suggesting a small, modern, comfortable eating place with … a bar (yes, there’s a bar at the entrance).

However, sometimes it’s better to go to a small buffet serving good, well thought dishes (such as the super affordable Palms buffet) than a larger one serving bland or even bad food.  Having said this, given the very limiting buffet options (in terms of quality and opening hours) in the whole of the South Strip, it’s not fair to fault the Tropicana’s efforts; this is as decent a choice as any other in the area.  The nearby MGM Grand buffet is larger but still not hugely better; if you are after a ‘grand buffet’ experience with good quality dishes (and ingredients), the closest to this area is Aria’s, which is always good.

Location:  South Strip, next to MGM Grand and facing Excalibur.

Because of the unique nature of this buffet’s opening hours, we’d advise you call the day before or the very day you plan to go to confirm that it’s open:  1.800.462.8767

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