Delano Hotel Review

The Delano South Beach recently replaced ‘The Hotel’ (annexed to Mandalay Bay).

Originally the expectation was for a modern, plush, fresh-feeling resort with a white & water theme throughout.  But the outcome is (albeit still beautiful) a mix between what was expected and the previous ‘The Hotel’; the rooms have all been ‘brightened up’ with modern light colors (the previous establishment was generally dark-color-based), and so some of the common areas.  The overall feel of the new resort is a very good one, modern yet offering quality fixtures and furnishings just like its predecessor.

As the adjacent Mandalay Bay moved away from its original target clientele and embraced young crowds (whose needs are perfectly met by its party pools besides its gorgeous wave pool & beach), Delano Beach entices younger visitors seeking beauty, chick and sophistication.

Generally speaking there has been a definite shift in Vegas to attract younger crowds, mostly because the thinking behind it is that those crowds, coming for short, ‘live-life-to-the-full’ breaks, will spend every cent they have for the experience of a lifetime. Those crowds are more likely (or so it is thought) to seek an ultra modern experience rather than the classical elegance of, say , Wynn or Bellagio. Moreover, a ‘South Beach’ theme may indeed blend reasonably well with the real beach at Mandalay Bay, which is (as we already mentioned) ‘next door’, another resort aiming to attract younger crowds, as pretty much most of South Strip these days.

Unfortunately, the one aspect which has suffered from this overal area transformation has been the quality of the buffets and some of the restaurants, often over priced or simply average at best. For much better buffets in Vegas, you need to go at least Mid Strip.

A note about the Delano hotel location

As with Mandalay Bay, we’re talking the very end of South Strip. This means there’s nothing around you and, if you don’t like to move much, you will be limited to the amenities that either resorts have to offer.  If you wish to visit the popular mid Strip areas, you will need to use their free shuttle to Excalibur; it’s extremely frequent but it’s still an additional ‘step’; moreover, you will arrive at Excalibur, which means you still have to walk somewhat to reach mid-Strip.  Not an issue for young and fit visitors, but something to consider if you are not too mobile and don’t want to rely on taxis.