Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas (Male & Female)

Do you want some ‘adult entertainment’ during your Las Vegas trip? Do the things you gave up back home? Las Vegas is no longer solely the city of the forbidden fruit but it still offers a bit of everything for those who want ‘adult-fun’ Las Vegas style.

The quintessential visit to Strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs and the like won’t disappoint and, just because it’s Vegas, there is adult fun available for men and women! The following are some of the most popular and best-regarded Strip Clubs in Vegas (these clubs are topless and not totally nude). If you are seeking new friends, our page Las Vegas Solo may help!

If you are under 21, read our paragraph after our section do’s and don’ts.

For men: The biggest (and one of the best) is Sapphire Las Vegas (located at 3025 S. Industrial Road, Las Vegas). It’s huge, literally (a former gym) and it boasts 2 indoor pools. If you look at it from the outside, it almost look like a resort! Because of its size, it’ll feel comfortably spacious no matter the number of visitors. Besides the large main room you’ll enjoy a number of ‘side’ rooms, from private lap dance rooms (including VIP dance), to VIP areas to a ‘champagne room’, to a karaoke room. Variety is the key factor in at the Sapphire Las Vegas Club, and there is a bit of everything for everybody’s taste and expectations. Strip Clubs are expensive but if you are a group of 4 or more you can purchase a bachelor package or a VIP package and, if you do the math, they’ll work out less expensive per person. The club sells transportation packages too, combined with the cover charge, so doing a bit of math before you choose what works best for you is advised; check the club directly for the latest prices.

If you are after a ‘golden’ era-type of experience and prefer something more intimate, you’ll probably enjoy the OG Gentlemen’s Club. It’s not modern, more ‘classic’ and more ‘intimate’, but it was the first ‘gentlemen’s club’ to set new standards of erotic fun in Las Vegas, very famous in the ‘good old days’ but still highly enjoyable. Quality and variety is on offer here so you won’t be disappointed, with 6 different ‘stages’ (one of which being the main lap dance room). The second floor of this club hosts the nightclub Insomnia which, unlike other Vegas nightclubs, becomes alive from 3am onwards.

Strip Clubs in Vegas: Do’s and Don’ts:
Entrance: unfortunately, like many Vegas hotel rooms, door charges at Vegas strip clubs increase significantly during ‘peak’ times: these are determined by events taking place in Vegas and the type (and number) of conventions taking place.

What to do in order to avoid a Vegas Strip Club entry fee: the best chance is to show up early (before 8pm without a doubt), immaculately dressed (not flamboyantly, but more of a well-dressed business person), negotiate with the doormen (potentially with a tip, but don’t do this unless it is clearly necessary) and, the moment you walk past the entrance, show that you will be a good guest by ordering drinks.

Arrive with plenty of cash: although you can get often your drinks with credit or debit cards, tips and lap dances demand cash only. A few hundreds is a good safe bet, bearing in mind that ATMs inside strip clubs charge extortionate fees. My favourite ATM place is at the airport, the moment I arrive. Otherwise any off-Strip (or wherever the locals live or shop) location is good. Casinos ATMs, as you know, charge higher fees than ‘normal’ already, but nowhere near as high as Strip clubs!

Tips: you must be prepared to tip your favourite dancer/s several times, since it’s what it expected once you ‘focus’ on her or if you just sit by the stage. How much, it’s up to you.

How much will you spend?

No matter how ‘tight’ your budget is, if you go to a strip club you are going to spend an average of 30 dollars per hour in drinks (at the very least!) and about 20 dollars (minimum) per lap dance. Add the tips and you can see how you need significantly more than 100 dollars in cash.

Do NOT: strip dancers cannot be ‘groped’ (all you can do is leave a tip whilst they are dancing); you also must not ask the dancers for dates or anything ‘extra’ outside the club.

What to wear at a Vegas strip club: the more upscale clubs have a ‘stricter’ dress code than the others, such as having to wear ‘tucked-in’ shirts with collars. As a rule of thumb if you are a first-timer, dress as if you were to go to a slightly casual business meeting. No shorts: you are not going to the pool, after all!

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→ If you are under 21 and seek nude Strip clubs, then you’ll have fewer options, and you’ll have to go where they don’t serve alcohol of course. Among these options are reportedly Little Darlings and Sheri’s Cabaret.

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