Best Nightclubs in Vegas

Where to go clubbing for a great night in Las Vegas. Advice for all ages. If you want to know the best Vegas Lounges & Piano Bars, or a club for for the under-21, go to the bottom of this page.

Tao at Venetian… WOW! Las Vegas Blvd South (upper side of Mid Strip). Such a sensual, sexy club partially Asian-themed! This is a nightclub which has maintained its top prestige no matter how many new ones have sprung up! Despite the competition, celebrities still come here in huge number and Tao has a truly special place for them: their fabulous skybox booths.

If you want to be part of this amazing night, party-like experience (Tao stays open longer than most other clubs, by the way) you will have to have to endure the line-up (unless you receive a VIP pass, which is possible); moreover, this place is so popular and crowded that is only amazing if you seek dance, fun, glitz and glamour.

But what is so fantasy-like about this Vegas club? Well, for example, you will see women covered in flower petals and, to top the visual experience among the scattered army of Buddhas and huge jade Buddha heads, these flowery ladies will be dancing inside a sensuous tub! On weekends you will see so many celebrities here that you will wonder if you’re back in a prestigious Los Angeles club! Then, of course, it’s the fact that Tao is an overall experience and not just a nightclub: it’s Tao Beach and Tao Restaurant & Lounge too! You could therefore spend a whole day here indulging from experience to experience.

Whilst the main dance room is where the atmosphere is crazy, loud and ‘explosive’, you may be able to find some hope of calm (relatively speaking) in the other rooms, or at Tao Beach. Yes, Tao is still the ‘it’ place to be if you just want to party.

XS Nightclub at the Encore, Vegas Boulevard South (towards North Strip). This is one of the most popular nightclubs in Vegas. It’s 40,000 square feet of fun space with VIP tables and cabanas, nicely laid out on 2 levels. To top the seductive design, you will also enjoy comfortable, suggestive daybeds surrounding the great pool where you can cool off if the dance floor is too crowded. Stripper poles are scattered around just to remind you that you are, after all, in Sin City. You can easily get comped for this club and if you do you will be treated like royalty, and we talk about this on our page ‘How to get Comped

Pure at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas Blvd South (mid Strip). It’s a a must-go if you love clubs, it’s famous, it’s been famous for a long time and … definitely not to miss if you have a VIP pass: its cosy Red Room is often visited by celebrities, because Pure pays for celebrity appearances and often organizes celebrity events here. The Red Room offers full privacy away from the peering eyes of ‘everybody else’, who will have to stay on the 36,000-square-food public dance floor and the beautiful terrace area, overall with three bars and comfortable lounging beds. Entrance to the dance floor and terrace area is through beautiful glass elevators. It may not be the very best nightclub in Vegas, but it’s a must-go if you have several nights to enjoy yourself.

Moon, Playboy Club at Palms. Fantastic rooftop, great seats… It’s really a place to go if you want a breathtaking sensorial experience.

Jet at Mirage. It’s a huge club with a techno and trance floor, a hip-hop room and and the main room (where VIP tables are but wait… They even have a V-VIP area!). It looks fantastic and it’s a fun place, no doubt.

Tryst at Wynn. This partly open-air club offers a lagoon-themed atmosphere, with the quintessential waterfall theme (this one is 27 meters high!) characteristic of the beautiful Wynn resort. Yes, they do have a stripper pole here too… 🙂

Hakkasan at MGM. We mention it here because there’s been a lot of buzz and hype about this new club. It’s a definintely a huge club (well, it is MGM Grand, everything is huge here) but many have complained about not being able to move and about the poor layout. Some people love it (some definitely do not); I’d say it’s not the ‘best club in Vegas’, definitely not as fantastic as all the ‘hype’ would have us believe… I would not recommend you endure the 2 hour weekend line up for it.

Hyde Night Club Lounge. This fabulous mid-sized nightclub is ideal if you seek elegance amongst wood floors and velvet curtains, fun amidst a great atmosphere. It’s not only great for those looking for a stimulating sensual experience but it’s a fabulous place for couples seeking a romantic night out amidst dream-like settings. You will often enjoy a live music act here, whilst admiring the Bellagio fountains show; you can just relax and let yourself be surrounded by a beautiful sensorial experience; in fact, you can opt to sit outside in a truly romantic setting if you prefer, where you can enjoy a great angle overlooking the fountain show and, beyond that, the Eiffel Tour of the Paris resort: it almost looks and feels real, as if you were spending a night in classic, romantic Europe (almost better than the real thing, I say!). Of course it’s not the cheapest of clubs but always worth a visit (as well as the very top clubs in Vegas)Vegas ‘at night’ experience. Of course, you can always be comped and find free entrance tickets. Read more on the ‘new’ Hyde Club on our dedicated page.

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