SLS Resort Review (Las Vegas)

SLS resort review. The Las Vegas spot for young, wannabe-chic partiers?

SLS resort review(Videos at the bottom of this page). Strange & wild things happen here, and our video will show you this too (see link further down this page).  Bur if you really want to find out if it’s resort is for you, our practical yet full review by categories here should help:  where the Sahara once stood, now reigns SLS (UNofficially standing for Style, Luxury and Service) a new, stylish and modern resort:

beyond the bland entrance from the outside, the moment you step into the medium-size resort, you know you’ve entered somewhere different, and you’ll either love it or … You’ll run to the more conventional beautiful resorts like Mandalay Bay.  Below is our practical review by room, pools, restaurants, style, casino and overall atmosphere/clientele, as well as a note on its location:

SLS resort review: Rooms

Standard Rooms: mostly white and metal (silver-color), with numerous wide mirrors on most walls (so that the room feels and looks much larger than it actually is).  Some of the mirrors light up creating a funky, retro yet modern style.  The bathroom is accessed through a sliding door made of mirrors.  Charging USB ports and i-pod ports are placed both by the beds and by the desk; I particularly liked the window between the 2 beds (which were, however, a bit smaller than average), reminding me of a large cruise stateroom, with practical yet ‘funky’ blinds.  However, no effective double glazing seemed to be in place so all the noise from the outside was easily heard at all hours.  This was particularly annoying during pool party times (at their Foxtail Pool Club) and occasionally from the parking below.  At the same time, there seemed to good sound-proofing in place between rooms and between the room and the corridor, including the sturdy entrance door, since we heard nothing at all during one of the busiest weekends in the year:  Labor Day weekend.

SLS resort review: Pools

They have the regular guests’ pool, called LUX (very small though nicely appointed but with no greenery nor waterfalls) and a Pool Club (Foxtail, larger, noisier and extremely busy on weekends and during special events or special holidays); the latter can be accessed by everybody, for a fee or a pool pass. 

SLS resort review: Hotel Amenities

They include a modern, white & mirror spa and a modern fitness room with a good number of high-quality cardio machines as well as weights and benches, including a back & side bench and an abdominal bench, both very good quality.  Access to the fitness center, which is open until 8pm, is included in the resort fee.  Their complimentary Wi-Fi was choppy; Skype was impossible through their connection.  Maybe it was unique to our hotel section (World Tower, 16th Floor) but it’s worth noting.  The TV channels were slow to change, which was frustrating.

SLS resort review: Service

Great service.  We were allowed to check out at 1pm (from their regular 11am check out time) at no extra charge.  I love that!

SLS resort review: Casino

Not the largest, though modern and urban with an average number of slot machines and tables for a small to medium-size resort; it reminds me of the Linq in this respect, in that I don’t have the feeling that gambling is highlighted as much as partying and drinking here.

SLS resort review: Restaurants & Bars

A good number of very stylish bars and restaurants, modern and extremely stylish.  I enjoyed just looking at them.  Our video walk-through of the SLS Vegas Resort shows you all these aspects; the video is further down this page.

SLS Style, Atmosphere and Clientele

Very modern & stylish throughout, uniquely themed in some sitting and lounge areas as well as some restaurants and bars; the clientele during weekends is primarily young and ‘wasted’, with a very high number of semi-naked girls walking (or trying to, courtesy of alcohol) throughout the property.   Eye-candy factor 10 for some people, I suspect!  Again, take a look at our SLS Vegas Resort Video Walk-through and see for yourselves :).  It may be uncomfortable for some people; during the week the clientele is slightly more varied, though you won’t see any families here.

SLS resort review: Location

Very North Strip, a short walk to the  Stratosphere.  It’s on the Monorail route so you can reach South or Mid Strip affordably without using the frequent bus system, especially if you purchase a myVegas Monorail Pass Reward. Across the road you can now find a new Walgreens store; besides that and the nearby Stratosphere, it’s not the nicest area of the Strip to put it mildly.  In the future, when Resorts World will be completed, it may be a different story.

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