MGM Vegas Buffet Review

Mgm Vegas Buffet Review. A roller-coaster in quality and variety.  The most INconsistent buffet in Las Vegas in my opinion.  It could be good, it could be very bad and, on my last visit, it was VERY bad, especially considering how good it has been on occasion and that it’s part of the semi-expensive MGM Grand!  However, generally speaking, in the last few months MGM Grand buffet did have some great days and on a good day it could be one of the best buffets in Vegas after years of overpriced mediocrity, but… Only during weekends.   We went to their weekend dinner buffet (on a good weekend, we were lucky) and we were in awe!  Their 7 chefs were clearly working to produce gourmet quality dishes in great variety… However:

we returned for a low-traffic mid-week dinner and, although a number of dishes were still clearly well prepared, one fourth of the buffet stations was closed (we were told it only opens for weekend dinners) and a small number of dishes were prepared with less love and passion than in our previous, weekend visit.  Hardly fair on weekday visitors!

The following MGM Vegas Buffet Review explores their more elaborate weekend dinner, which (as we wrote) is far better than their weekday dinner.  At the end we write the differences you will find during a week-day dinner.  Now MGM Grand buffet is finally offering a buffet worthy of its name and lovely resort (during weekends only), with a large selection which will please all palates, and generally well cooked and prepared dishes;  if you want a general summary, it’s not as ‘amazing’ as Bacchanal with regards to the gourmet style of some cooked dishes, but the selection at MGM Grand is equally excellent although different.  Here at MGM you will find a more traditional selection of excellent American and international dishes than what you may be able to find at Bacchanal; however, you will not be left wanting.

The MGM buffet offers American (traditional as well as ‘comfort food’), Rotisserie with oven-roasted turkey, steak and prime rib (for dinner and Sunday brunch they also have hot and cold crab legs, but not for lunch, though this maybe change, so always double check over the phone) Mexican, Italian (with some exquisitely prepared pasta dishes, such as the mushroom ravioli in pesto, Asian (with a good variety of tasty Sushi as well as mouth-watering sweet and sour chicken/pork and gourmet-style fish in pineapple curry sauce), a good salad bar (and a good, ready-made Caesars salad near the meat section), delicious grilled sausages, grilled vegetables (using olive oil and pumpkin seed oil, depending on the vegetable) and steak.

In brief, there was not a dish which was badly prepared.  During our last trip we were there for Sunday dinner, which admittedly is one of the better meals for buffets (maybe second to Friday and Saturday dinners), but the quality will be the same even though some dishes will be different depending on when you go.  I was told by a member of staff that they have seven chefs making sure dishes are freshly prepared (we cannot verify this but I thought I’d let you know, since the food did taste freshly and delicately prepared).

For an extra charge you can add a bottle of wine or other alcohol (if you want unlimited wine and beer during your lunch or dinner, you may prefer to go to the Mirage buffet, which used to be one of the best but has declined in general lately, since it’s in a transitional period).

MGM Vegas Buffet Review

Weekday Dinner Differences (MGM Vegas Buffet Review):

All Thai dishes are absent and, with regards to Chinese dishes, you will find more or less the basics rather than gourmet-made Chinese cuisine.  The meat selection itself is reduced (no Prime Rib, for example); the grill section is also totally absent (so no deliciously grilled sausages nor vegetables, for example); you will find more ‘traditional comfort food’ such as fried chicken and corn rather than more elaborate dishes.  One fish dish, covered in a mouth-watering lemon and pepper sauce, was still reminiscent of the gourmet-style weekend dinner we remembered from 3 months earlier, and so were the Italian Manicotti (authentically made) and perhaps 2 vegetable dishes, as well as the delicious bread pudding and its house-made vanilla sauce.

Generally speaking, thankfully the MGM Grand buffet adopts a roll-over (relatively common in Vegas) which means you can go for breakfast and stay for brunch (within a reasonable time frame), or go for brunch and stay for dinner, and this aspect makes it more affordable than those buffets which impose meal breaks

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Hours & Prices (MGM Vegas Buffet Review)

Breakfast  7:00am – 10:30am; Brunch      10:30am – 3:30pm; Dinner       3:30pm – 9:30pm

Price before tax:
Adult Breakfast:  Monday – Friday: $17.99
Lunch:  Monday – Friday: $20.99
Weekday Dinner:  Sunday – Thursday: $29.99
Weekend Dinner:   Friday – Saturday: $36.99
Weekend Brunch (7:00am – 3:30pm)   Saturday – Sunday: $26.99

Breakfast $11.99   Brunch $14.99   Dinner $19.99

*Times and prices subject to change without notice.  For this reason, always call them the day of your planned trip and ask them for the most update price.  The number for the MGM Grand (ask for the buffet if you are not put through directly): (702) 891-7433  –  Location:  South Strip.

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