Encore/Wynn, Palazzo/Venetian or Bellagio?

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If it’s your first visit to Las Vegas you may be feeling overwhelmed by the many choices. There are so many hotels, on Strip and off Strip, but here I’ll attempt to give you a decent guide according to your needs. I will not mention every hotel in Vegas but hopefully enough of them to give you a good range of options.

Upscale Vegas hotels: if you care about the room or suite you are in, the very best are Encore, Palazzo, Venetian and Wynn in this order. Some of them offer a good Strip view and some others do not, but the interior is first class, as well as the space.

I particularly like Encore because of its top quality TVs and (above all), the wide range of channels you can enjoy from super comfortable beds. If you want to relax between fun, having top-quality channels and a top-quality flat screen LCD is paramount for some.

If you – on the other hand – want an upscale environment in the best location in Las Vegas, then you have to opt for Bellagio, making sure you book a Fountain View rooms, which will also ensure you enjoy the beautiful exterior of Paris Vegas at night as well as the Bellagio gorgeous fountains at night, and artificial, blue lake during the day. Don’t worry about the noise: Bellagio rooms are perfectly soundproofed and, if you want to hear the music being plaid with the Bellagio fountains, you have a switch you can turn on or off at leisure. Service is still the very best at Bellagio, in every aspect, so, if it’s top-class service you are after, Bellagio is still the best choice, among these three, but things are changing fast and Bellagio may be slipping down… Watch this space 🙂

If you are a club goer and are young, Venetian has Tao nightclub (and topless pool area in the day), which is one of the most popular in Vegas. Wynn has a highly-regarded topless pool area as well, for a more mature crowd and for those who want to be ‘exclusive’ (it is closed to anybody who is not staying at Wynn or Palazzo).

Bellagio has a wide range of upscale, well-loved top Vegas restaurants, so if it’s wining and dining you are after, Bellagio may have the edge. Moreover, Bellagio still offers one of the best Vegas buffets, and it’s more convenient to stay where you choose to dine most days, because of the line ups (this is particularly the case with buffets). Finally, Bellagio also boasts one of the best Vegas lounges.

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