How to Get In Vegas Clubs for Free

You may not need to wait in line or pay high prices to get into the best Vegas clubs. Here are a few tips to help you skip the line up and save money.

There are several great nightclubs in in this great city. Among my favorites are Tao and Pure, but you can read more on the best clubs on best nightclubs in Vegas.

Tao is fantastic because it has several areas with different atmospheres, rendering it really eclectic; it’s very stylish and it could appeal from the very young to the discerning, more mature visitor.

Pure is one of the favorites too because it tends to be known as the ‘celebrities’ club, who are often invited to pull the crowds, although many times it just hosts events where celebrities participates (such as world poker competitions) and gather at night in a nightclub appearance. You won’t necessarily be able to rub your shoulders with them, but it does give the club a certain image.

If you want to get in free you may be able to do so although, for obvious reasons, during such ‘high-rated’ events it may not be possible at all, no matter how many tricks you try. However, nothing is ever impossible.

As for ‘regular’ nights, if you want to get in free in a nightclub you need to adopt a strategy.

1 arrive early; this because in some night clubs it’s policy to look ‘busy’ at any time, so in order to bring people early, during the least popular times slots, they may let a few in for free and, of course, the more ‘suitable’ you look the better. Check the style of the club you want to get into and adapt to that style, whichever it is. In any case, if you don’t want to pay, arriving early is key.

2 tipping (in some cases). It seems that the current trend in many clubs is to let in local women for free. Visitors (women) may be allowed in but they will have to pay the night club cover charge in most Las Vegas establishments. If you are ok paying the basic cover charge, then you are more likely to avoid the other costs by going midweek (outside of major events such as a high-rate boxing match, or large exhibitions). Weekends are tough because Las Vegas gets really crowded and most good clubs don’t need to ‘lure’ anybody in but rather, they have far too many people lining up already.

Having said that, a group of girls can still slip past the lines with a smile and small tip to the doorman: $20-$40 for a group of four should do it: it still works out cheaper than the cover and lets you skip the lines. It can be considered ridiculous and (above all) unfair towards many who will probably wait in line, but tipping does go a long way in Vegas (ethically, highly questionable, especially if you think that your 40 dollar tip will not go far against someone tipping 200 dollars, but tipping is still the way it is in Las Vegas).

As I said, the earlier you arrive the higher the chance of any ‘tricks’ working; don’t think you can show up at a top Vegas club at midnight expecting to work some magic to get in for free or skip the lines: in those circumstances you could be 5 stunning girls and you’ll still have a huge wait! A note on VIP passes:
for those looking for free VIP passes for Vegas clubs: if you are not picky on the dates, for example if you are willing to go midweek, you can pick up a VIP pass at your resort. It’s a matter of being ‘picked’ by those who distribute them. We often ‘wonder around’ as a couple, casually dressed but not ‘half naked’ nor ‘trashy’, and we are often given free VIP passes from any resort we’re in, such as LAX (Luxor), Tao (Venetian) and so on.

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