Free Shows in Vegas Tips & Tricks

Free shows in Vegas? Yes you can see some shows for free, and we explain it on this page. However, bear in mind that if you want to see ‘O’ or ‘Reve’ or any of the most-popular shows in Vegas, the only way you can see them for free are:

1 – through playing the free game myVegas. We have a dedicated page on it and you can access it by clicking the underlined words.

2 – booking a room offer which is accompanied by a free top-rated show (if the resort is hosting the event); these offers are plentiful on slow’ periods and to those who have high scores in their players cards; some dedicated websites on Vegas room offers (and even the general ones such as Expedia).

3 – gambling ridiculous amounts of money and asking for a ‘comp’ the next day. We talk about this on ‘how to get comped in Vegas’. However, bear in mind that it may not be worth it if you do the math, especially bearing in mind that the resort where you’re staying and playing may not have any tickets left by the time you qualify for a ‘comp’ (free access, room or service).

Free Shows in Vegas:  passes for regular shows

These are more easily obtained, since they are significantly less expensive and may at times play even twice a day (with the matinee being the cheaper option). Most resorts have a show of this kind in place; it’s almost a must-have entertainment item to prevent guests from visiting other resorts: it’s therefore relatively easy to obtain free passes. You may claim your passes for free Vegas shows after a modest night at the resort’s casino or they may even be included in your stay; I still remember I was gambling at the former Las Vegas Hilton and a hostess walked around offering free matinee tickets to many people (including me!), in order to avoid having a half-empty theater. Some hotels give ‘coupon books’ at check in, some of them including 2 for 1 tickets or entirely free passes for these types of ‘regular’ shows. It’s not a guarantee, of course, especially during high season; but with a bit of imagination and the regular tips on how to get free stuff in Vegas, you should be able to see obtain a complimentary ticket (or 2).
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