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The New China-Themed Resort on the North Strip

We were so excited when we walked all the way to the new mega resort in Las Vegas, on the north side of the Strip!  Yes, there is going to be something really exciting that will occupy the huge, ugly, barren, arid, empty space that replaced some of the older torn down Vegas buildings.  So, where does this new exciting project stand nowadays?  

first of all, it’s great news for Vegas visitors because it will completely revive the northern part of the Strip, where Circus Circus is and, ultimately, all the way to the Stratosphere.

What is this new Vegas resort going to look like? The plans are for it to be a China-themed resort boasting a replica of the Great Wall of China, large water amenities including an indoor water park and a habitat for pandas. The development of this resort was supposed to take place in 2 phases, the first scheduled to be completed and functional at the end of 2016.  At the end of last year we checked the whole area thoroughly and we talked to security, who told us that completion would occur in 2018!   Then, in late July 2016, we went back and saw that nothing much happened, not visibly anyway.  It looks like only some infrastructure work may have taken place, if anything at all.  We will check thoroughly regularly and we’ll post updates here.  For those interested in a video showing you this and its surrounding area, check our Vegas Videos page!

How big is it going to be? Rather large, with 3500 rooms (to put things in perspective, MGM Grand has about 5000 rooms and it’s one of the largest hotels in the world), a 175000-square-foot (over 16000 square meters) casino; it’ll also boast a convention space of over 500000 feet, 300000 square feet of pool and water park features, 210000 square feet of dining and 2500000 square feet of retail space.

This development will be the first resort that the Genting Group (a Malaysian multinational company) will own in Las Vegas.

It will be really interesting to see if this will change the current shift to attract either more and more young club-party groups or the affluent seeking new stimuli. Personally, I would welcome a return to attracting and rewarding old-fashion gamblers with different pocket sizes, from tiny to huge; it made Vegas truly unique and a truly interesting social melting pot. 

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