Year-Round Pools in Vegas

Year-round pools in Vegas: yes, thankfully there are several Vegas resorts that allow us to enjoy this amenity (and rightfully so, otherwise what are we paying the high resort fees for?) Closing time can be 6pm, 5pm or even 4pm; in the last winter, Caesars Entertainment resorts had either completely closed off pool areas or they were operating with restricted times; even the beautiful Caesars Palace pool was closed, though accessible if you wanted to walk around it. On the other hand, Vdara (a beautiful City Center resort without a casino) had a fully functional (probably heated) pool with plenty of guests enjoying it; Aria too, had one of its 3 beautiful pool areas open and fully operational, with plenty of guests enjoying themselves in it; Mirage too, had its smaller pool area open in the middle of winter, with people using it. year-round pools in vegas

Moreover, what I have often seen in winter is resorts closing their pool area, despite being ‘year-round pools in Vegas’ due to unfavorable weather; so, whilst in theory you can enjoy your pools and pool areas (such as heated Jacuzzi areas or heated pools), if it rains or it’s windy it’s more likely than not that the resort will keep the pool area closed during the ‘worse’ weather. Perhaps less so in the more ‘upscale’ resorts, but more so on the mid to low range Vegas resorts.

Resorts offering year-round pools in Vegas:

Aria (not all 3 of their beautiful pools, but at least one, and the pool area in general still feels well kept, bright and airy, with one functional outside jacuzzi), Vdara, Bellagio, Encore, Four Seasons, Venetian, Circus Circus (but I’ve heard their heated pool is not heated up to 80 degrees, but slightly less), Excalibur (though they tend to close it or at least close it earlier when it’s windy, for example); Hooters, Hotel32, Mandalay Bay (one pool section open only, though I have seen it closed in winter for the same weather reasons explained above – the ‘sand & surf’ area is closed in winter), Luxor (in part), MGM, Mirage (fantastic pool area, though in winter the main waterfall pool is not operational and they keep only the much smaller pool open), Monte Carlo, Paris Vegas (limited schedule), Skylofts at MGM Grand, Treasure Island, Tropicana (in parts), Gold Coast (they have a heated jacuzzi tub that seems to be open all year round with the pool, though their pool can get cold in winter).    Best Pools in Vegas  –  Best Pool Parties in Vegas  –  Best Topless Pools in Vegas  –  Shopping in Vegas  –  Weather in Vegas – Real Vegas Videos (which include videos of many Vegas resort pools).