Top 5 Shows in Vegas

The best of Las Vegas shows (scroll down this page, which includes shows for adult audiences). If you want to skip to ‘Discounted Tickets for Vegas Shows‘, click on the highlighted words.

Major Best Vegas Shows for Everyone:

‘O’ (from Cirque du Soleil) ‘O’ is certainly one of the very best Cirque du Soleil shows and, if you are going to Vegas to watch some famous shoes, this is a must-see. It’s about acrobatics and water, all mixed in almost magically, with an ever-transforming stage which will blow your mind. The costumes are also equally stunning. Very complex show and a very elaborate stage. Ideal if you are into visuals and ‘effects’; some have said this is more of a adult show because of the complexity of the visuals. As an adult, I think it’s great. It’s on a par with Mystere (see below), although they are very different.

Seats. Having central seats, close to the stage, can be fun because you will feel as if you can almost touch the water (and this show is a lot about water effects!) as well as the performers. However, if you choose a seat some rows back (or the next section back), you will probably be better able to appreciate the ceiling work. The cheaper seats are absolutely fine, by the way, but of course you will miss some of the fine details.   You may need to know that there is no intermission. Enjoy!

Rève (Dream).  From the moment you enter the theater you know you are about to witness a mistyfing, exilarating water show, with a 69 feet pool in the centre and every seat being close to it for maximum enjoyment of the many effects. Since there is no clear line between the audience and the stage you will feel as if you were part of the show .  Very popular show at Wynn’s Vegas.

Love.  A great show celebrating Beatles’ music; loved by pretty much everybody who goes to see it; visually very stimulating and uplifting, great music played through a great sound system (you’ll also enjoy speakers in the head rest of your own seat).  If you expect the usual Cirque du Soleil acrobatic extravaganza, Love may disappoint you (but you’ll like the show for so many other reasons).   Some seats seem to be partially ‘blocked’ (so double check and have a guarantee from the box office if necessary) and many have complained about the additional service fee added by the resort (Mirage). Check the fine print!

Mystere (from Cirque du Soleil). A popular Vegas shows; the theme is the mystery of evolution, starting with the universal Big Bang and taking you to the journey of evolution of humanity; this is achieved with excellent acrobatic performances (some of them will blow your mind and leave you incredulous) amidst fantastic visual effects, music, colour and drama.  Mystere casts over 70 performers and is considered an ‘epic’, a mix of circus-like and real dramatic stage production where all you have to do is let your senses transport you through this epic story. It can definitely be a family show (at least for the older children, of course) and it’s very much appreciated and enjoyed by the majority of people who go.  A few viewers have complained that in the show there are some ‘unappealing’ characters’, such as the ‘huge baby in diapers’.  I’d say that if you have never seen a Cirque show, I’d start with ‘O’ rather than Mystere, especially if you are all adults.

Vegas Shows for adults:

Zarcana at Aria, Las Vegas: ‘dark’ and ‘mysterious’ forces in this dead-circus-resurrection theme at play is the theme and many love it for that. Rush to see it before January 2016, because they are replacing the ‘adult, dark & mysterious’ themes with lighter, comedy-oriented themes.  I actually love this theme and similar themes, and I wish there were more themes like this.  But I think that in Vegas they want us all ‘light & merry’ at all times, hoping that mind frame will induce us to spend more money at their resorts 🙂

Fantasy at Luxor in Las Vegas: ideal for singles and couples, some say that this show is geared towards those who may otherwise wonder to Strip clubs!  It may be the case, in that you have women dancing wearing next to nothing, but of course it’s a little more tasteful, a mix of dancing, singing, sensuality and a little comedy.  It’s regarded as good value for money (it’s cheaper than the major ‘sensual’ shows in Vegas) and attendees seem to enjoy it all the time.

Zumanity. The sensual branch of the main Cirque du Soleil shows, here you will have the traditional acrobatics and dancing but eroticism is very much a key aspect of Zumanity.  What does it mean?  It means that all the very skilled performances are ‘eroticized’ devised to stimulate erotica imagery and feelings.  Whilst other Cirque du Soleil shows can be enjoyed by the whole family, Zumanity explores human sexuality with powerful imageries and movements which, for this very reason, appeals to an adult audience wanting to remember why they are in Vegas!

There are moments of comedy peppering the show and, for those wanting a memorable experience, a limited number of near-front-stage sofas is available!

There are of course regular Vegas shows which are popular and fun, as well as very affordable; we talk about some of these on Regular Vegas Shows.  You can also read our page on Vegas Shows for Children.

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