Where can I get Free Wi-Fi in Vegas?

Free Internet (wireless or cable) is not a widespread service in Vegas, at least not on the Strip; however, we found some great spots with excellent Wi-Fi, and we list them below.  Moreover, if you are in downtown Vegas, you will enjoy free Wi-Fi in many spots because

the Las Vegas Downtown Connect network (LV.Net) covers three square miles with borders at Fremont Street and 7th Street, Charleston Boulevard and 4th Street and Main Street and Bonneville Avenue.  Access points are located on top of street lights of many intersections within the downtown connect corridor. Users in these areas can access the LV.Net SSID network free of charge with no password required. (excerpt from http://www.nevadabusiness.com )

On the Strip it’s still a different matter. It is unfortunately obvious to us that all we are encouraged to do is gamble and anything else comes with a price; an Internet connection is one of the most expensive ‘luxuries’ in ‘tourist Vegas’, quite unfairly, we think. So where are the good spots on the Strip to get free Wi-Fi?

The best place for free Wi-Fi in Vegas is the beautiful convention center at Aria. Here you can sit on a comfortable, large couch or armchair and enjoy 2 full hours of good quality free Wi-Fi; all you have to do is log in as a ‘guest’ (the moment the Aria page loads you can see the option on the page) and provide your email address for identification.

Bellagio’s convention center now offers the same option as Aria.  The seating areas are not as plentiful nor as comfortable, and the bathrooms are not as fancy as at Aria, but it’s a good mid strip option.

Mandalay Bay now offers the same option as Aria; the convention area is not as huge as at Aria but you should be able to find decent seats.

► The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (mid-Strip), available throughout the resort. What a great place to be anyway! I am not too fond of ‘ultra modern’ (I prefer classical beauty such as Bellagio’s or Encore), but it is a great place nonetheless!

► Otherwise, the most obvious place to get free wi-fi when you are ‘stuck’ is any McDonalds in the US (so in Vegas too), provided it is not a McDonalds inside the resorts, where there largely seems to be shameful monopoly on wi-fi (namely, you usually have to pay for it).

 Of course most resorts do offer wireless or cable Internet from your room or suite (but not outside of your room), as part of their resort fee; this is quite acceptable if, with that fee, free gym and other free services are included; some resort fees are reasonable, such as at Gold Coast (10 dollars a day, probably one of the cheapest) whilst others are unreasonably pricey (these days resort fees can be as much as 30+ dollars per day!). Of course, the Caesar’s Entertainment hotels (in our experience) do charge for absolutely everything if you don’t pay the resort fee; if you do pay the resort fee, they only allow one device per room so the 2nd device will have to pay extra (very annoying). Finally, some resorts offers such poor Internet service (such as in some sections of the NYNY as late as June – it was so bad that you could not have the TV on whilst trying to use the already poor Internet service), that you’ll be looking for free wi-fi if it’s important to you.

More places offering free Wi-Fi in Las Vegas

Main Street Station (downtown Vegas) has a wi-fi section which is free to guests of their hotel chain. If you need to check your emails without being a nuisance, they will let you stay even if you are not a guest. We ate at their cheap buffet (not the best) and gambled a little, after which we enjoyed their free, fast, wireless service by their Players’ club area (plenty of tables and chairs to do this undisturbed and comfortable).

► Starbucks at the Fashion Show Mall (3200 Las Vegas Blvd). Of course… It’s Starbucks! Any other Starbucks in Vegas you may stumble upon, it’s well worth a try, unless they are inside a resort.

► The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (in the shopping area inside Planet Hollywood, mid Strip). Not throughout Planet Hollywood, unfortunately…. But at least there is a café where you can do some net surfing!

► Palazzo Las Vegas and Venetian Las Vegas (lobbies and the casino areas). Another great place to be anyway, mainly because they have one of the best Vegas casinos, so, after your Internet surfing you enjoy do a bit of gambling here and have great fun! Palazzo & Venetian Las Vegas is a huge resort located between mid and North Strip, near Mirage.

► Excalibur Hotel (South Strip): the Rotunda Lobby and Krispy Kreme (inside the casino).

Other places offering free wireless Internet are:

► The Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas (South Strip, after Mandalay Bay). Well, this is a super expensive resort so of course they offer free wireless Internet as part of their top-class customer service….

► The New York New York Hotel & Casino (South Strip).

► Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (off-Strip on 4455 Paradise Road). Also the Hard Rock Café.

► Main Street Station Hotel & Casino (downtown Las Vegas, at the very North of the Strip, basically, 300 N Main Street). Here you can also enjoy, besides the free wireless Internet in the Lobby and in the Players Gold Room, a very cheap but very decent buffet for those ridiculously expensive weekend prices where everywhere else you have to remortgage your house to enjoy a buffet!

► The Golden Nugget in downtown Vegas; near the hotel elevators: there’s an area where you can sit and, pleasantly, you can enjoy free wireless Internet.

► Artisan Hotel & Spa (off Strip, on 1501 W Sahara Avenue).

► McDonald’s on the Strip (several locations, including the huge Viva McDonald’s south of Circus Circus).

► Silverton Hotel & Casino (3333 Blue Diamond Road, Vegas): one of the most beautiful places I’ve been where I enjoyed unlimited wireless Internet access was the stunning café in front of the giant aquarium at the Silverton hotel and casino. The café food was delicious, the atmosphere busy but very comfortable, the huge (I mean, huge!) aquarium was a must-see if you like aquariums, and the Internet access was top quality. Whilst you are here you can also enjoy their affordable buffet.  

Disclaimer: The places listed above are for informational purposes only. We try to update our information as often as possible but establishments may change their policies at the drop of a hat.  We therefore cannot guarantee you will get free Wi-Fi access at any of the Las Vegas locations listed above.

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