Price Chart for Vegas Buffets 

The following is a general price list if you want a quick reference page in order to decide where to eat.  Please refer to our dedicated pages on each buffet, which you can access by clicking on the linked title (name).

From the most affordable to the most expensive Vegas buffets:

 Palace Station – one of the (truly) cheapest in Vegas.  5 dollars for breakfast, 7 for lunch, 8 for dinner and 9 dollars for the ‘expensive Sunday brunch’ (well, expensive at so many other Vegas buffets).  But, of course, it’s basic. This rate is if you sign up for their players card (‘boarding pass’), of course, details on the specific page linked through the title.

♥  Silverton Buffet – A decent, affordable option, now supposedly with a new chef and a more pride than in the recent past.  It’s still not exciting and it’s relatively small, but the atmosphere is pleasant.  It’s an even better deal with their frequent 2 for 1 or 50% off promotions:  with them, an already cheap lunch (9.99 with the players card) becomes 5 dollars!  Details & how to get there on the dedicated page, which you can access by clicking on the title.

Gold Coast and the Orleans – Another cheap-eat, though basic and only advisable if you are in a hurry and only want something (anything) to fill your stomach.  Around 6 dollars for breakfast, 8 for lunch, 10 for dinner and about 12 dollars for some special weekend dinners (the Orleans is a little more expensive but the difference is minor).  This rate is if you sign up for a B Connected Card, of course, details on the specific page linked through the titles.

♥ ♥ Palms Buffet – the best value for money because it’s very affordable yet delicious: less than 10 dollars anytime (with their players card) and only barely over 10 dollars on the most expensive weekend dinners, you can eat really well here: you’ll even enjoy some signature dishes here!  Update: this buffet is now closed for remodeling.  I was told it’d be re-opened in December.  Fingers crossed because we do need good affordable buffets!

♥ Red Rock Buffet – Formerly a fantastic affordable option in terms of variety and quality, this beautiful buffet has declined in quality and process lately.  However, it’s very affordable and its seating area is very comfortable, as well as beautiful to look at; the resort itself is beautiful so, if you have a car and want to eat in a beautiful all-you-can-eat on a budget, this is an option.

♥ ♥ M Resort buffet – huge, incredible variety of dishes and very affordable prices, especially for breakfast ($11) and lunch ($16), though dinner is also comparatively affordable ($24); weekend seafood dinner is 40 dollars (with special celebration dinners being even more expensive) and of course it offers the widest variety of seafood dishes but… it’s not longer that affordable, of course.

Excalibur and Luxor buffets – these days they are relatively affordable South Strip buffets (from 16 to 22 dollars every day depending on what time you go) but definitely not winners in the taste, variety and quality department, sadly.  I enjoyed Excalibur’s crepes, though, with real Nutella chocolate!

Mandalay Bay – slightly below average Strip prices (about $17 for breakfast, $22 for lunch and $30 for dinner), breakfast and lunch in particular are affordable here, set in a beautiful dining area (especially near the grand windows.  However, this Vegas buffet not as exciting as it used to be; in fact, the Mandalay Bay buffet is very forgettable (food-wise) and with limited options.

♥ ♥ MGM Grand Buffet – average price for the better buffets on the Strip, but weekday early breakfast and weekday brunch (about 20 dollars + taxes) are affordable, and – compared to many Strip buffets in the area – so is their weekend brunch.  Now it’s become a delicious buffet, almost unmissable.

Flamingo and Harrahs  – Quite pricey for the limited choices offered.  Harrah’s buffet offers more variety and better-prepared dishes overall than Flamingo’s, but essentially both buffets could use a revamp both in quality and variety (Flamingo’s especially).  Price (without special offers, which are quite frequent within these establishements): breakfast, lunch and dinner are around $18, $22 and $29 and around $21, $23 and $28 respectively.

♥ ♥ Mirage Buffet – previously mouth-watering (fresh and healthy with some authentically cooked dishes (ciabatta pizza, won ton soup, good sushi) with the best made to order salad bar, it’s now declined in quality and variety; we were told it was only temporary due to internal changes, and we hope this is the case, but essentially the free alcohol seems to have been chosen at the expense of much else.  Here breakfast and lunch are still affordable Strip options.  A bit more expensive for dinner but… they do have the welcome roll-overs!  See details on its dedicated page.

♥ ♥ Bellagio Buffet – One of the best buffets in Vegas in terms of ingredients (except for the ice cream area, whic his pitiful) yet more affordable than most in this quality range!

 Paris & Planet Hollywood buffets – About $21 for breakfast, $24 for lunch and $30 for dinner, they both used to be outstanding but they have both declined in quality and variety of dishes.  A huge disappointment lately, even if the Paris buffet is visually very interesting.

♥ ♥ Aria Buffet – Great buffet and average price for the Strip, although its weekend prices are a more expensive (about 30 dollars + tax and even more for special dinners).

♥  Cosmopolitan Buffet – Similar price to Aria, good but not outstanding and, unfortunately, with an annoying break between ‘brunch’ and dinner (so, no roll-over possibility).

♥ ♥ Wynn Buffet– a few good dishes and many average ones, albeit very nicely presented; it’s an expensive buffet which never really convinces me that it’s worth the price (from 22 dollars for breakfast to 40 dollars for dinner).  Details on the dedicated page.

♥ ♥ Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet – Simply the most expensive buffet on the Strip for breakfast (around 25 dollars + taxes), lunch (around 35 dollars + taxes) and dinner (around 45 dollars + taxes), with the exception of Bally’s Sterling Brunch which is however rarely open and operates more like an expensive restaurant than a buffet.  You can access the dedicated pages for details.

This list is not exhaustive and we’ll add more Vegas buffets to the list as time goes by.  Do not hesitate to nudge us if you don’t see the buffet you want to know about.   You can always refer to our much more comprehensive list of Vegas buffets on our menus.

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