Best Burgers in Vegas on the Strip

Best Burgers in Vegas. The six great burger places on the Vegas Strip are (listed in random order): best burgers in vegas

Burgr’ by Gordon Ramsey. Planet Hollywood, the Strip, Las Vegas Boulevard South. It’s the ‘hot’ burger place in town, very young-feeling and very busy (line ups all the time). But, having asked everybody who leaves the place, the word is: the meat is cooked really well, with great flavors. It’s not a romantic place, just very busy and ‘young-feeling’.  Having said this, may insist it’s a great spot for the best burgers in Vegas. But there’s so much more:

Stripburger (Fashion Show Mall, 3200 Las Vegas Blvd South). Here you will enjoy simple ingredients and simple combinations, but the quality is good. The burgers here are made from selected, fresh cuts; you can also choose between a great range of fish, seafood, chicken breast and even a specialty hot-dog. Great fries allegedly cooked in healthier oil (though not olive oil, unfortunately). Dish average 10 – 15 dollars which is probably on the cheaper end among the best burger places in Vegas (except for the Bellagio deal, described below). Always check prices with the establishments directly; the phone number for Stripburger is 702 – 737-8747.

Bradley Ogden (Caesar’s Palace, 2570 Las Vegas Blvd South). Award-winner and Michel Star rated, you will not be disappointed here if you love burgers of high-quality. Their famous Steak Burger (with hand-cut fries and house-made pickles) is by some hailed as the best burger in Vegas, juicy, perfectly seasoned and simply delicious. Gourmet all around; the price is unsurprisingly high but you can have a fixed price meal with their signature Steak Burger and a lovely salad for around thirty dollars.

 The Mini Burgers at the Bellagio Buffet. We sometimes go to this fabulous Vegas buffet just for their mini burgers, though of course this delicious buffet offers fabulous dishes all the way through. However, their sliders (mini-burgers) are truly delicious. Considering that you are in a buffet and that you can eat as many as you like, these delicious little things will fill you up and make you want to go back over and over. The meat is soft and delicious, very tasty through and through. The toppings are not too varied but they are all delicious. By far our burger favorite on the Vegas Strip, especially considering the great deal.

Le Burger Brasserie (Paris Hotel & Casino, 3655 Las Vegas Blvd South). Renowned for their astronomically expensive Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burger, which will delight your palate with top-quality imported brie cheese, a fabulous Italian-style prosciutto and Franco-Italian style balsamic vinegar; served with high-quality champagne. Cute eatery with big, comfortable booths.

The rest of the burgers are either hailed as delicious or described as plain old burgers. Maybe worth a stroll and decide for yourselves. Phone: 702-946-4346

Burger Bar (Mandalay Place, 3920 Las Vegas Blvd South – the shopping area between Mandalay Bay and Luxor). Here you can enjoy their specialty burgers as well as create your own amongst a large variety of ingredients and toppings, from fancy to simple. Many love their Kobe Beef Burger (simple but very juicy); it may be one of the best burgers in Vegas, at least for some, but it’s definitely not the cheapest.

BLT Burger (Mirage, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd South). Owned by celebrity chef Laurent Tourondel , the burgers here are not ‘fancy’ but they are of a decent size, greatly presented and satisfying, all cooked in an open grill for the public to view. Average price range (15 to 25 dollars, but always check by phone [702] 792-7888)

Of course there’s the unhealthy but a must-go experience for meat lovers and those who just want something “America style” Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street… For some this is the place to visit if you are after the best burgers in Vegas, especially in terms of quantity! Here you can eat for free if you are over 350 pounds (but maybe it’s not a good idea) and their ‘flagship’ mega burger is a whopping 9000 calories! They say that if you don’t finish your meal they will ‘spank you’.  I would not eat here, I care about my stomach and body too much, but a lot of people say it’s great fun and a lot of tasty food.  No salads here, of course…  The decor is definitely nothing fancy; overall it simply offers a very different experience and I would recommend at least taking a look, especially if you come from abroad, where you will never see anything like this. I enjoyed taking a look on my first visit, and I still talk about it! We have a video of Fremont Street where we show this place.  Check our real Vegas Videos page for the our most recent and best Las Vegas videos!

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