Relax in Vegas

Vegas can offer some ways to relax, and that’s why it’s not only suitable for party lovers but can indeed be a great place to visit for everybody, including solo or couples travelers seeking to wind down peacefully. Here we’ll highlight some of the most obvious (and expensive) as well as cheaper alternatives for those seeking something different, including direct meditative contact with nature.

♥ The most obvious options are of course the various resorts spas; some of them have quiet rooms, relaxing rooms and even sleeping rooms where you can enjoy soothing music and a beautiful atmosphere. But not all of them do and, since a spa entry can cost anything from around 30 dollars to a lot more, it’s advisable that, before you buy a day pass, you assess the facilities for yourself by asking them to show you around.


it may be cheaper to buy a lower-priced treatment that you actually need (something simple like a manicure treatment or having your hair cut, or washed and dried) because, with any purchased treatment, the use of the fitness centre and spa are usually complimentary (double check directly, of course). I would not recommend buying anything that requires special skills or experience (such as a new hair style) because, in my experience, resorts spa treatments (and hair styling in particular) are very low quality.

So, purchase a simple treatment and, ideally, book someone experienced. Some of the very best are highlighted on our Best Vegas Spas page. Some off-Strip resorts offer much more affordable spa entries, such as South Point; if you have a car, it may be worth the drive.

♥ If you want a relaxing time with nature, Spring Mountain Ranch (within the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area) has a $9 entrance fee per vehicle (cash) and you may be able to find a spot in which you can relax, meditate or just absorb your environment. We really enjoyed just driving around Red Rock Canyon and, when we found a spot without families, we found it relaxing; it’s the outdoors, so be prepared for the heat (bring hats, water, comfortable clothing and sun screen).

♥ The Valley of Fire State Park (about 50 miles north of Las Vegas, 10 dollars per vehicle) is another, similar option.

♥ Lake Mead can offer some amazing, peaceful spots in winter. However, in the summer you’ll find sun-and-water-(and water sports) loving crowds with noise hardly fitting someone seeking for a natural retreat!

♥ Something Unique?

The Sekhmet Temple in Cactus Springs (about 60 miles (97 km) northwest of Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert is a open-to-all reflective place well worth a visit if you seek a spiritual hidaway. Visitors can enter free but of course any donation is highly appreciated. They have a calendar on their website so, if you want the utmost solitude, you may want to stay off any ‘celebration’ days.

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