Best Indian Buffets in Las Vegas

Most known Las Vegas buffets cater for a number of cuisines; however, far too often Indian dishes are often left out. So, if you want to try a great Indian buffet in Las Vegas, you will have to venture out of the usual places: it will be worth it! Here are 2 places often recommended. At the end of this page, don’t forget our ‘tip’ to save 50 per cent!

Las Vegas offers a few places where one can indulge in good quality Indian food buffet style. The all-you-can-eat fans can, in this cuisine, enjoy vegetarian dishes of many delicious flavors as well as meat and fish dishes.

Tamba. One of the favorites and probably one of the more easily reachable if you stay on the Strip is Tamba, at the Hawaiian Marketplace (3743 South Las Vegas Boulevard, the ‘Strip’). They offer a lunch or dinner buffet (with a gap after 3pm, so there is no roll-over here), but you can also enjoy an a la carte menu, if you feel like eating less and save a few dollars. The Price is almost 20 dollars, so it’s not cheap, but most people enjoy many of the dishes on offer, including the naans, the roti and all that makes Indian food so delicious and unique.

For vegetarian lovers, the vegetarian range of dishes is very good and you won’t be disappointed.

Patrons here are mostly Indian, so the food is authentic enough. However, authenticity is not necessarily a good sign, I learnt in my experience: for example, Mexican food is much better in California than anywhere else in the world, in my opinion! The same can be said for Thai food (which is best in North American rather than in Thailand!)… Don’t despair now: Tamba is a good restaurant serving good Indian dishes!

It is not the easiest of places to find, so at times it’s not as crowded as perhaps it deserves to be; don’t let that influence your decision: if you like Indian food and wish to enjoy it in a buffet format, you won’t be disappointed here. To make sure you find this restaurant, follow the signs; these will eventually lead you to some glass doors, which you must go through to get to the escalator taking you to the restaurant.

India Palace. For those who want a more ‘upscale’ Indian all you can eat experience, the India Palace on 505 E Twain Ave (Vegas) is a great option. It comes highly recommended by all Indian food lovers and it’s probably one of the best places you can enjoy Indian food in Vegas: here you will find all the ‘traditional’, world-famous Indian dishes as well as some less known ones. Either way, you will have plenty of choices no matter your taste preferences. The price is a bit too high in my opinion (about 30 dollars), but if you find a coupon or discount offer it’ll definitely be worth the trip. Yelp is currently running a half-price deal for this buffet, and it’s valid for one year. When you research it on google or other search engines, type yelp + India Palace Vegas and you should see the deal right at the top, clearly marked, through which you can eat at this great Indian buffet for only 15 dollars per person! If not, go to our page on how to find coupons for Vegas restaurants.

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