Best 10 Breakfasts in Vegas

Best 10 Breakfasts in Vegas. If you are looking for a sumptuous breakfast in Las Vegas, or affordable yet excellent & varied options, or even a good yet cheap breakfast (see bottom), you have come to the right page: we eat out for breakfast every day each time we are in Vegas, which happens often.   

Some of the Best 10 Breakfasts in Vegas below have the same ratings because they are similar in quality although sometimes different in what they offer.

If you just want to know which ones are the fancy options (when you don’t care about the price), go to Fancy Vegas Breakfasts. The list below is a quick reference. You can read the details by clicking on the underlined titles.

⇒  Verandah, Four Seasons. Though it’s a ‘fancy’ breakfast, Verandah always tops any best 10 breakfasts in Vegas list:  it offers a memorable experience if money is no object and you don’t mind going (very) South Strip. We have a full section on ‘fancy Vegas breakfasts‘, where you can read all about Verandah.

⇒   Breakfast/Brunch at Studio B. Ok, not breakfast, really, since they decided to only offer brunch lately; nonetheless, this huge, fabulous buffet (a true favorite among locals who want to eat well) offers amazing value for its huge variety of good dishes. The fact that it’s only do-able if you have a car (or if you share a taxi between 4 people minimum, or if you are willing to invest a whole day and use their infrequent free shuttles to and from Tropicana, South Strip) is the reason why the price is so relbest 10 breakfasts in vegasatively low whilst the quality and, above all, the variety, is so high.

⇒  Breakfast at Palms (the new remodelled A.Y.C.E. buffet).  It’s incredibly affordable ($8.99 with their players card) and the food is creatively prepared and.. Very tasty.  It’s fabulous, really, especially considering the price.  It’s worth a mention for this very reason.  The grand opening was in early 2018 so we’d have to wait and see if months later it retains the quality control we witnessed when we ate there (several times).

⇒   Breakfast at the Wynn buffet-restaurant. With many other buffets declining in quality and selection, Wynn is becoming a good alternative.  At the beginning it was famous for its sumptuous breakfast; taxi drivers were telling tales of its ‘luxurious’ options and then… It entered a long period of mediocrity.  However, lately the Wynn buffet has improved; some very healthy options for the discerning eater and a mouth-watering dessert section are what takes Wynn to the top of any best 10 breakfasts in Vegas (but also lunch and dinner!).

⇒   Breakfast at the Rio Buffet Restaurant. Rio Carnival & Seafood buffet has recently improved significantly; it offers a large variety of dishes, catering to absolutely all preferences and tastes. But it’s not one of the most affordable.  If you are on a tight budget and you are in the area, you may want to cross the road and eat at the affordable Palms (though it is much smaller than Rio’s of course) especially since it’s one third of the price! To go to the Rio (and to Palms, since they are nearby), catch the free shuttle from Harrah’s (awful waiting area at the back) or Ballys/Paris or at the bottom of the High Roller (via the Gold Coast). If you are unsure where the stop is, ask the employees at each of those resorts. The shuttle is free, fast and frequent enough. Otherwise, there is a great local bus service near the side of Caesar’s Palace  (Flamingo Road).

⇒    Breakfast at Bacchanal. Despite its scandalous price tag (for a buffet) and the demise in quality it seems to be going through lately, Bacchanal still offers a great visual experience, especially for meat-at-all-costs eaters and for those who don’t mind heavy food. The drawbacks: there is a strict time limit and an annoying line up after you pay the cashier, so bear that in mind; moreover, unfortunately, there are no real healthy option.  No salad to speak of and limited fruit.  As per their fruit juices, which are a great idea in theory, they don’t taste freshly squeezed at all nor good quality concentrate.

⇒    Breakfast at Aria. Great choice for those who value quality and healthy variety, as well as plenty of seafood choices.  You will find what you want and much, much more. A modern place; if you are lucky, you get to seat by the pool area.
  Breakfast at Della’s Kitchen at Delano (South Strip).  This place is becoming a trendy place to visit for reasons like organic juices to uber-tall breakfast sandwiches (mountains of eggs and bacon, to start with), to ‘high-end’ huevos rancheros.

⇒   Breakfast at Bellagio.  In the last few months Bellagio has lost its crown as per quality, service and variety. The price is affordable for such a famous buffet; plenty of huge sausages and breakfast favorites here, well (enough) prepared and cooked (with decent ingredients, though lately there was far too much ‘fat’ in the sausages).

⇒   Breakfast at Mandalay Bay restaurant buffet (improved lately). This buffet has gone through good times and awful times, always taking advantage of the fact that it’s hard to eat breakfast elsewhere if you are so South Strip. These days it’s ‘good enough’ but, what makes this one of the best 10 breakfasts in Vegas (even if on the lower end) is their great blueberries and blackberries!  They are delicious.  Moreover, its dining areas, especially those facing the pools and gardens, are absolutely gorgeous. If you go, make sure you ask them to bring out the blueberries (sometimes they even ‘forget’ to bring them out these days) and have a super-healthy breakfast.  The clientele, however, is no longer what it used to be, given the change in target customers that this beautiful resort seem to have undertaken.  This means that quality may plunge again.

⇒  Breakfast at Cravings, Mirage or TI.  Though it no longer offers the gourmet food it used to, its cold-cut deli section (which includes decent quality smoked salmon), open for breakfast and the first part of lunch only, is good; its omelette station is also good, especially if you persuade the made-to-order ‘chef’ to include the ingredients from the nearby deli (which you need to bring to him/her).  The TI buffet (Treasure Island) next door is much more elegant-looking though smaller, and of similar quality.

⇒  And… Any Bellagio restaurant. Bellagio offers a good range of well-established, high-quality restaurants which easily make any best 10 breakfasts in Vegas list.  If price is not an issue for you, you will enjoy.  If you can, go to the ones which offer a view of the fabulous ‘lake’ with its fountain show, but any other will be just as good. Read more on these restaurants on Top 12 Restaurants in Vegas.

Besides our list of cheap but good breakfast meals 24 hours, which is one of the great Vegas attractions in our opinion, if you are on a tight budget Ellis Island’s Boardhouse is (according to many locals) a top budget choice among the best breakfasts in Vegas: from 3 to 5 dollars you can eat a quick breakfast meal on the go all day long! More on this place on ‘Cheap Vegas Meals‘.