M Resort Buffet Review: Studio B Las Vegas

M Resort buffet review: wow, this is a real Vegas Buffet!  The full review and advice and tips, as well as hours and prices below.  News:  Penn National Gaming, which owns the stunning M Resort in Vegas, has now bought Tropicana (South Strip)!  This is great news in that there must be a shuttle soon enough linking these 2 resorts:  one more reason to visit this fabulous buffet:  huge, fantastic, excellent quality and good service (in general).  But there may be changes looming (read on). A selection to die for and a very good price as well!  Without a doubt this buffet has become the very best in Vegas.  No other even comes close because the variety here is un-matched. m resort buffet review vegas studio b

M Resort buffet review summary:  Studio B offers every dish you can think of and many more you can’t think of! On top of that, they offer made-to-order cappuccinos, coffees, espressos (with good quality coffee!) and a home-made gelato section Italians would envy! If you go on seafood days/nights you can enjoy delicacies such as the best fish soups, clam chowder and lobster soups, as well as an array of dishes too long to list. Lobsters and giant crabs are also on the menu on special days/nights. m resort buffet review

From excellent authentic Thai green curry to fish and chips a ‘Brit’ would be proud of, to the very best salads you can eat second only to the Cravings buffet.

The M resort in Vegas does have just about everything you would ever need on vacation and, it seems, generally manages to cater very well to a more adult and mature crowd who come to town to gamble and be pampered rather than to run around drunk their entire trip.

Location of the M Resort: it is disadvantaged because of its location, south of the Las Vegas Strip, requiring about at least 20 minutes to get here from any of the strip hotels by cab (and about 35 dollars!) or, if you drive yourself, perhaps a little less. It’s about 12 miles from MGM Grand, which is South Strip. The M Resort does offer a very infrequent shuttle service to the North Strip (the Fashion Mall, across the Venetian); whilst it’s true that with Penn National Gaming purchasing Tropicana, there are now free shuttles between M Resort and Tropicana, so that South Strip visitors can enjoy this delicious buffet.  However, the shuttles are far too infrequent, almost forcing visitors to stay for several hours and, maybe, drop some dollars at their casino while waiting for their shuttle back… If you are renting a car in Vegas (for tips on this just click on the underlined words) then Studio B is a must-go: those who eat at Studio B (including a large number of locals) do speak very highly of this Vegas buffet. I must say, I was extremely well impressed by the huge selection of dishes they offer.

And, of course, the delicious home-made gelato section, by far the best in Vegas (although the Aria buffet has recently tried to match).   M Resort Buffet review dessert studio b

M Resort buffet review on its overall decor: modern, spacious and beautiful. The buffet is equally so, literally immense with a huge seating area (hence the shorter line-ups). It is nicely decorated and many say it has an ‘upscale’ feel to it, especially if you are seated by the windows, in what feels a true VIP area. Very spacious throughout, open and inviting, with modern touches such as giant LCD screens with food-related shows.

Among the Studio B buffet favorite meal you will find its seafood area at dinner, which many say is the very best in Las Vegas (especially considering its affordable price compared to any good quality seafood buffets). Juicy, tender, delicious warm and cold crab legs (whichever you prefer you’ll be delighted) is often hailed as absolutely the best.

M Resort buffet review: atmosphere; generally hailed as top class, its members of staff seem to be particularly kind and friendly as well as helpful and attentive. However, the last time we went the clientele was rushing around the many food stations as if they had just called closing time, making the experience slightly less classy. It is becoming more and more popular, so I expect the line ups to increase exponentially, but it will still be worth it.   When we went on lobster and seafood night, the line ups were challenging, but the food made us forget about it all afterwards… m resort buffet review studio b

M Resort buffet review: food selection; arguably the largest in Vegas. There seem to be many recommended dishes, such as prime rib, shrimp cocktail, very tasty French fries, cold Japanese tofu salad, a decent sushi station, a fantastic array of soups, a variety of just about everything you may want from any buffet. Pretty much every visitor decants the dessert section of this Vegas buffet, which is varied as well as good quality; among the very favorites are the home-made, absolutely delicious (to die for!) gelato and all the miniature desserts (such as crème brûlées, pistachio crème mini cakes, tiramisu, chocolate cream puddings). I love the made-to-order espressos, cappuccinos and lattes; the best a coffee lover can ask for from any buffet!

If you apply for the M Resort players card and play before you go to the buffet, after only 300 points (which are obtained really easily and quickly especially if 2 people use the same card at the same time) you will be offered a free buffet for 2! As always, double check with casino marketing by phone before the long journey, just because these rewards rules can change overnight.

A note about the long journey to and from this buffet: it’s about 35+ dollars by taxi from mid Strip, maybe less from South Strip, which becomes a problem if you are only 1 or 2 people sharing the taxi cost. However, the M Resort runs a free shuttle from and to the Fashion Mall (in front of Venetian), not too frequent but do-able. Here I would like to say that it’s quite ‘cheap’ to offer such a limited free shuttle service to and from the Strip: the M resorts clearly wants to avoid its guests to gamble away from its casino, but all in all by doing so they are missing out on tons of potential bookings, in my opinion. I would personally never stay at the M Resort no matter how fantastic it is because their shuttle service is so infrequent, unless of course I were to rent a car (which we ended up doing on our latest visits, just because we enjoyed going to fantastic places such as the M resort).  Why not provide a frequent, free, easy and customer-friendly shuttle service to the Strip as the Orleans and the Gold Coast do? They still have casino customers! In any case, you can check the schedule yourselves and decide if it can work for you (probably more so if you are in the Fashion Show Mall area often) on their website directly (second part of the page).  As mentioned above, though, there may be a free shuttle between Tropicana and M Resort (watch our updates or come back to this page).  

M Resort buffet review at a glance:  all in all, Studio B is currently the best Vegas buffets in terms of selection and quality, since Bacchanal lost its crown (to put it mildly).  Another great aspect of Studio B is that… it’s not expensive!  However:  they have now introduced free beer & free wine; this is concerning since every buffet which has introduced free alcohol declined in quality quite significantly.  I hope this won’t happen to Studio B but it may.  We will return to eat here soon and update our review, once again.  So, watch this space!

The M Resort buffet is recommended by a large number of locals (in fact it has a huge local crowd running around the many food stations); it’s a must-go if you are already in the area or if it’s easy for you to get to this area of Las Vegas.

Roll-over note: yes, they do have roll-over! This means that you can go for breakfast and stay for lunch, or go for lunch and stay for dinner! Fabulous!  However, since many try this ‘trick’ here (well, Vegas locals know all the tricks and have more time than visitors usually), you will notice line ups at ‘roll-over times’ and, more frustratingly but understandably, the cashiers mysteriously take a very long time to serve each customer during this particular time slot 😉

A recent video of the M Resort Buffet is in our Vegas Videos page.  But read on before you check our video:

Location:  a distant south of South Strip.  You need a car to go there; if you are renting a car, it’s very easy.  Renting a car is a good idea in Vegas; we have a section on it with tips in our ‘Vegas Advice’ section on our side menu (or bottom, if you are using a small device).   Going to the M Resort by taxi will be too expensive, so 4 of you minimum should share one.  Check on their website directly (second part of the page) for update on their shuttle to the Strip.

Hours and Prices (M Resort Buffet Review)

Complimentary beer and wine.

Lunch Monday – Thursday: 11am – 2:30pm $16.99
Children 5 years – 8 years $11.99

Dinner Monday – Thursday: 2:30pm – 8:30pm $24.99
Children 5 years – 8 years $17.99

Prime Rib Brunch Friday: 11am – 2pm $24.99
Children 5 years – 8 years $17.99

Seafood Buffet Friday: 2:30pm – 8:30pm $39.99
Children 5 years – 8 years $26.99

Seafood Brunch Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 8:30pm $39.99
Children 5 years – 8 years $26.99

St. Patrick’s Day Specials
Our specials include Shepherds Pie, Lamb Stew, Corned Beef & Cabbage, Guinness Braised Short Ribs, Champ w Scallion & Butter and Dublin Coddle

Although currently this buffet does not serve early breakfast anymore (we think mostly because its main clientele, locals, may not eat at buffets for breakfast as much as visitors do), things can change again, especially during high season. So, if you want to make sure, always phone ahead of time and ask. You don’t have to call the buffet, you can telephone front desk and ask them; they should be aware of the latest developments.  Did you like our M resort buffet review?  If so, you may like our following pages, which are updated often:

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