Best Gyms in Vegas Resorts

Best Gyms in Vegas. When in Vegas many of us want to keep fit, especially given how much we tend to indulge in great food and huge quantities of it when in Las Vegas! In fact, we (the writers of this website) tend to become fitter in Vegas despite indulging in food so much! This because we take full advantage of the many great gyms available. So, which are the very best gyms you can take advantage of when you visit Las Vegas? The following list is not in any particular order.

Aria Gym (definitely one of the very best gyms in Vegas). A fabulous, modern, very large gym with ultra modern equipment (cardio equipment all with personal media systems) and a large variety of machines of all kinds including a back bench (a rarity in Vegas hotel gyms). Moreover, an ultra classy entrance: a dark-red based living area with couches facing a long glass-wrapped fireplace. Unfortunately it is not open 24 hours; it closes at 8pm. We have a video of the Aria Gym; it’s still just as great.

Caesar’s Palace Fitness Center (definitely one of the best gyms in Vegas).  Large,  beautiful, with first-class, state of the art equipment which includes rarities such as high-quality back and abdominal benches.  After using this gym going to your local facilities back home will feel depressing 😉

Cosmopolitan Gym. They have 2 gyms, a large one opening until 8pm, and a smaller one open 24 hours. This in itself deserves a ‘thumbs-up’, since 24 hour gym facilities are rare among Vegas resorts.  Cosmopolitan is a beautiful resort which is highly recommended for everybody who wants class, comfort and great amenities.

The cardio room at MGM Grand I love it because – although it’s only a cardio room (the full gym is separate), it’s open 24 hours!  Good machines too.

Canyon Ranch at Venetian and Palazzo. We love the cardio room here (high-tech, a huge selection of machines so you will never have to wait for your cardio work-out). However, the rest of the gym is seriously lacking: there are no benches, nothing for the back, nothing for the abs and the weight section is comparatively small. Moreover, it’s by far the most expensive gym entrance on the Strip. But it’s the only one open until 10pm, which is a really great thing if you want to work out after a heavy dinner!

Excalibur Gym. Best Gyms in VegasThis gym is surprisingly very good.
The cardio section has all you need (and the equipment is good) and, pleasantly, you will have abs and back benches, as well as all the weights and toning machines you will need.Best Gyms in Vegas Moreover, it’s open until 8pm which is essential when you are in Vegas if you want to exercise after a heavy lunch. The price is ok and, of course, if you are a guest at the Excalibur you will enjoy this very good gym for free!

On the negative side, you will not enjoy a TV per machine (unlike at Aria, Caesar’s or even Bellagio) but will find yourself having to share some same-old-sports TV channels on wall-mounted flat screens (about 6), with closed-captions.  Recently however they had at least 2 TVs and set them on other (silly) channels, so for those who did not want to watch sports all the time there was a bit of variety. However, it’s a well-worth trade off.  Back and abdominal benches (rarely found in hotels), and good-quality body-building machines;
these images give you a glimpse, which hopefully will give you a good idea of what to expect.  I also found their customer service to be excellent, at least on my latest visit.  They give you plenty of water, have 2 hand sanitizers and everything is always well stocked.  You won’t find this service at Bellagio (which, in this aspect, was very disappointing).  

El Cortez Hotel and Casino (downtown Vegas). What a pleasant surprise! Open 24 hours, with great security, two huge, good-quality flat screen HD TVs with a good choice of channels, excellent cardio machines, average body-building equipment. Everything brand new. What a joy! The downside is that it’s small, so there’s not much space to move around.

Plaza Hotel and Casino (downtown Vegas). Another fantastic surprise. Open 24 hours, you will have decent (though declining) cardio machines and a few options for building up your muscles. One 32-inch flat screen HD TV you with a decent choice of channels. I liked working out here, on my own terms, between gambling!

Hooters Hotel Gym. Yes, it’s a huge surprise that this low-budget place has invested so much money in great machines and, to top this, has decided to offer the facilities 24 hours to all its guests. We were pleased. It’s a small gym but 24-hour gym facilities are a rarity in Vegas resorts. Exercising here was great and made us forget (well, in part…) the shortcomings of this Vegas hotel. Their 24-hour pool was also a very pleasant surprise.  Our video of the gym at Hooters shows how good quality this gym is (albeit relatively small), and the video was taken a while back; when many Vegas gyms had equipment ready for museums, Hooters offered high end machines worthy of a serious workout!

We think that the very best gyms in Vegas resorts should have the best equipment with interactive facilities (TVs, etc), a large variety of cardio machines as well as weights and muscle training machines, including back, core and abdomen; finally we think that the very best gyms in Vegas should stay open 24/7.  Vegas never sleeps and neither should the gym!

 The gym at Bellagio is not longer one of the best gyms in Vegas resorts.  It used to be good; however, on our last visit there were not the great touches of previous years.  No bottled water, no hand sanitizers (I had to ask and the attendant had to make a trip to get me some), a very old-fashioned back bench (there are better ones these days, see the Aria gym or Caesar’s Palace gym!)… I thought it was a good gym but nothing outstanding at all, not worthy of Bellagio.