How to Get into Vegas Night Clubs

Skipping line ups & with VIP Passes

Here we cover how to get into Vegas clubs with passes and, further down, by paying the basic entry fee.

if you go from Sunday to Wednesday (included), it’ll be easy for you to get in without line ups, unless it’s a national holiday, spring break or some other peak time. I remember simply walking into Tao recently whilst, going back on a Saturday night, the line up was so huge we actually made a video of it!  The video is not recent but the line ups are the same at the very best clubs, on weekends.

Always dress according to the dress code specified on the club’s website (usually smart-casual is good enough, but of course avoid shorts and T-shirt with sandals or flip flops!); the better you are dressed (we’re talking elegant and chic and not over the top and ridiculous, of course); always bring enough cash with you for whatever you want to buy and potential tips (safely placed, of course).

If you are already in Vegas and want to try your luck, follow our tips on ‘Get in Vegas Clubs for Cheap or Free‘. Otherwise, if you want to plan everything ahead, purchase a nightclub package: this is my personal choice, but I would definitely avoid websites with domain names such as ‘VIP club passes in Vegas‘ or ‘Las Vegas Club Deals’ or ‘Only Vegas Deals’ or anything similar, since it’s my opinion that those websites target naive readers with packages you can get cheaper and better elsewhere. What I would do is go to visit the official Twitter page of your selected Vegas clubs to see if they offer specials or free admission on your chosen nights: they often do!

Otherwise I’d visit the official Vegas Deals site on (they have a section on Vegas nightclubs including packages, such as on Packages and deals vary from nightclub to nightclub and depending on the time you are going to go; generally speaking you can obtain front-of-the-line admission for as little as 20 to 50 dollars (depending on which night club and which night) or more inclusive packages such as VIP table and bottle service.

Paying the basic cover charge but skipping the line: the basic entry fees can be picked up in a variety of places, such as the Forum shops or even at the door, if you go really early, say at 7pm. Sometimes you can get in for free if you eat at the restaurant associated with the club (each club has a slightly different policy, also according to different times & dates).

When you pay the entry fee (or if it’s included with dinner at the same place) you must ask for a stamp; this way you can leave, do whatever you want to do (gamble, have a drink somewhere else, etc) and return when the club is packed whilst being able to skip the line.

The key is to get in early no matter where you want to go, as early as 7pm. It’s a good idea to keep checking the twitter pages (the official ones!) of your selected clubs to see if they offer anything special or if they post free admission specials: they often do, especially during ‘low traffic nights’.

Sometimes XS and Tryst give priority to the resort’s guests, but not always.