Best Vegas Restaurants (high-end)

Aside from the best Vegas buffets, if you have a bit of money to spend and want a really special experience, the following below are the best restaurant choices for gourmet food in Las Vegas. We also have a page on gourmet food through ‘lunch specials’ or ‘prix fixe‘.

Prime at Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South (mid Strip), Las Vegas.  You can read our dedicated page.

Twist at Mandarin Oriental Vegas (mid Strip in Las Vegas, inside the city centre, 3752 Las Vegas Boulevard South). Wow! A must-go restaurant if you like quality, creativity and … Perfection. Read more on our dedicated page.

Alize, 4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas (top floor of the Palm’s Resort). One of Master Chef & Entrepreneur André Rochat’s creations, this is a gourmet French restaurant with some Italo-Mediterranean touches which you will enjoy if you have money to spend, enjoy this cuisine and want a special location. The range of dishes is eclectic (you can enjoy fish, meat or poultry as well as a large variety of highly creative combinations – all be very good) and the execution meets all expectations. The location is perfect for special occasion albeit not on the Strip: it’s on the top floor of the Palms Resort & Casino, one mile north of the Las Vegas Strip off Caesar’s Palace. Renowned for its selection of wines (over 1800!), this is a place to enjoy if you want something special, enjoy French cuisine with an Italo-Mediterranean slant and, of course, you are not on a budget.

Milos at Cosmopolitan, 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard (mid Strip).

Milos is an elegant place and the food served is gourmet: from the simplest to the most complex dish, food is prepared with care, love and knowledge. Located on the 3rd floor of the Cosmopolitan, which has been referred to a-soon-to-be Gourmet Food Court, here is where you can enjoy freshness and quality with a gourmet twist: a simple fried egg, mixed with Spanish caviar, can turn into a delicious novelty dish.  It is not cheap. Milos is not where you come if you want a full belly for a ‘deal’ price; for that, you’ll be better off going to a good Vegas buffet. At Milos a three-pound fish will cost around 150 dollars, and a speciality salad will cost about 17 dollars; it sounds hugely expensive, of course, but many of the dishes can be shared between 2 people easily, even if you like good portions (as we do!); moreover, it’s of course a way to treat yourself, to savour specialty food enjoyed only in the Mediterranean area, such as ‘grilled’ (or ‘charred’) octopus and fried zucchini with eggplant in Gruviera.

Freshness is one of the bastions of Milos and, in order to remind everyone of that, there is a large counter by the open kitchen, where you can see fresh fish, seafood and vegetables all beautifully displayed, for you to choose from. Personally, I loath seeing a live, swimming fish only to pick it and have it killed; it’s just in bad taste in my opinion; but this (at Milos Vegas) is a not that kind of display, so enjoy it!

Michael Mina at Bellagio: 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South (mid Strip), Las Vegas. Ideal if you love seafood served in a variety of high-quality dishes, set in an elegantly-designed environment, meeting the highest expectations you may have from imagining the best Bellagio experience. This is no ordinary high-quality restaurant either: here creativity, delightful and innovative ingredients, as well as reliable excellence, all meet; here you will enjoy exquisite dishes such as Black Mussel Soufflè and Maine Lobster Pot Pie. If you are not on a budget and want a true top-quality Vegas dining experience (as long as you enjoy seafood), this is the place.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Vegas (mid Strip). Read details on our dedicated page.

Olives at Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South (mid Strip), Las Vegas. Ideal if you enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, featuring delightful dishes, some from Italy and others from other Mediterranean regions (hence the name ‘olives’, indicating its influence from all the regions where olives grow). If you are lucky you will have the best views of the magnificent, world-famous Bellagio fountains but, no matter where you sit, you will still be able to enjoy them.
The servings are (thankfully) generous and their beef carpaccio, a true Italian dish, absolutely divine; stick to Mediterranean dishes and you will have a fabulous dining experience. Their wine selection is growing all the time and will meet any selective palate.

Biscayne at Tropicana. We decided to mention this restaurant because, to be fair, we found its steak to be absolutely delicious. It is a steakhouse so, if this your favorite food, you may want to eat here, especially if you stay at Tropicana or South Strip. The tables by the beautiful walkway (leading the main resort area and the convention center) are ‘fun’ but certainly not ideal for a romantic lunch or dinner; for that, you’ll have to ask for an interior table.

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