The Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Vegas

Is Eiffel Tower a top Vegas restaurant for a special occasion? Or can you make better choices? Pros and Cons of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Vegas.

Las Vegas is always a place to consider for special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, a special romantic date, and all types of special celebrations. Going to a restaurant to have a unique experience is also a reason why people go to Vegas; therefore, the choice of Vegas restaurant is ultimately quite important in order to create cherished memories.

Many have, over the years, chosen the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas, located at the Paris resort, because of its specific mid-Strip location, of the views of mid Strip and, of course, because it’s set in the highly characteristic Tower itself; here you can dream of having hopped to Paris whilst still enjoying the vibrant Las Vegas atmosphere. At the same time, your eyes will be treated to the spectacular views of the Bellagio fountains which, especially at night, are still the best attraction in Las Vegas.

The slightly negative aspect of this is that unlike what you may expect, the Eiffel Tower restaurant is not located on top of the tower, unlike for example the top Stratosphere restaurant; for the very shape of the Paris tower, this restaurant is located almost at the base, where it’s at its widest. From here you can still enjoy the views, especially if you book a window table, since you’ll be above street level, but you will not have the Strip view from a top roof.

Food: the food has not, according to many, been consistently great over the years. If all you want is exceptional food this is not going to be the top Vegas restaurant choice for you. There are several fantastic Vegas restaurants where you will indulge in dishes you will remember over the years, such as Prime or Twist. However, everybody choosing the Eiffer Tower restaurant at the Paris resort is probably going for the overall experience, and that is something you will obtain, be satisfied with and remember for a long time.

Service : almost always very good. 

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