Vegas Resorts Pools open to Everybody

Many of you ask: what if I don’t like the pool in my chosen Vegas resort, or if it closes to early, or if I am staying somewhere without a pool altogether? Can I use a pool in a major Vegas resort even if I am not a guest there? Well, you have 2 choices:

 a you can opt to use a top-optional pool or ‘club pool’ which you can access for a fee (many Vegas resorts have one, such as Mandalay Bay, Mirage, MGM Grand, and even the new Cromwell); these fees vary and, sometimes, ladies go free (this is often the case for top-optional pools) or

b  you can find out which Vegas resorts open their main pools to the non-guests; one of the better ones for this purpose is the Palms Pool (link to our video of this pool further down): not only is it open to the public, but also free of charge from Monday to Thursday included; from Friday to Sunday they apply a charge for non-resort guests, which varies depending on how busy the pool is. If you are a Vegas resident, by the way, you can enter Palms pool free of charge on Sunday too. This overall generous policy to non-hotel guests applied by the Palms resort is significant because their pool is large, beautiful and it offers great views. We have a video of Palms pool which you can view by clicking the underlined words. But, before you view the video, read on for more tips:

The only pool which is closed to non-hotel guests is the one at Palms Place. So, if want to enjoy a nice pool and an affordable yet good buffet, going to the Palms resort could be a great option. It’s not too far from mid Strip (you could even walk, if you are fit) and you can use the free shuttle services offered by Rio and Gold Coast (though technically they are only for guests staying at those resorts, though they are often happy enough if you show their players card); to promote change, I would encourage anybody to write to Palms and ask for a free shuttle service from their own resort to the Strip, since nearby resorts all offer it.

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