How to Get VIP Club Passes in Vegas

The regular VIP club passes which you can find in Vegas (not to be mistaken for special VIP entrances if you are a celebrity, for example!) can be purchased or, and this is much more recommended, can be found free in various ways. Let’s discuss both.

What you Get: first of all, what these VIP passes will give you is the ability to skip the line up (in some cases but not all) and to avoid the cover charge. They will not give you free bottle service of course!

On special nights these passes may not be valid, so always check the fine print. Usually, the free admission is only valid if you arrive at the club before 10pm.

Where you can get thise passes: theoretically (and in our case 99 per cent of the time) you can get them totally free of charge in a large number of places. At your resort concierge/check in for example (in this case you’ll often get VIP passes for the clubs affiliated to that resort, of course, but you may be lucky and find others too).

Sometimes you can find the basic passes at retail stores, at the back of cabs, or you can simply get them at the club of your choice if you go during ‘slow times’. Most of our passes were given to us either as a hotel package or simply by club ‘reps’ in the hotel check in areas. We were given passes for LAX and PURE on a regular basis, which are 2 of the most popular Las Vegas clubs.

You can of course also pay for them. You can almost always buy them on ebay, but if you do make sure you read exactly what they offer and, above all, make sure you pay a very low price for them, since those who sell them have most likely got them for free! There are ‘unknown’ websites promoting these passes, often all they have is the words ‘Vegas VIP Club Passes’ as their domain name (a domain name is what is written between www. and .com) but I would really avoid them, I think you are more likely to get ripped off (to pay unnecessary amounts of money for those passes). Some highly reputable Vegas websites (dealing with everything in Vegas, not just club passes) do offer a good deal. Sometimes even other general, well-established sites such as travelzoo and smartervegas have passes, at times packaged with other deals. A club crawl is of course something totally different and those are a bit more expensive than VIP club passes.

It is of course always more relaxing to have VIP passes in your hands before you get to Vegas; this way you’ll avoid having to find them when you get there or risk falling for a ‘promoters’ deal‘. Some passes will also offer one or more free drinks; in every case I’d recommend you read the fine print of each VIP pass you are considering.

There are some club crawls which will allow you to visit 4 or 5 of the best clubs in Vegas skipping the line ups. These vary and even the same company can offer different packages, so read the details. A popular one (but there are many others) is Sin City Club Crawl, which you can easily find via an Internet search.