Orleans Vegas Buffet Review + Hours & Prices

Orleans Vegas Buffet Review 2018.  After the big hype of late last year during their opening season, this buffet has reverted to pretty much all the less-than-exciting options (I could say some are actually horrible) of all budget buffets with the exception of the great A.Y.C.E. buffet at Palms.

This page will be modified in the coming days.

Previous review:  the Orleans buffet in Las Vegas is certainly good enough if you are on a low budget and happen to be in the area. Even if you are staying at the cheap resort Gold Coast Hotel and Casino or the more expensive resort Palms Hotel & Casino, you can enjoy the free shuttle between the Gold Coast and the Orleans. However, these days the nearby buffet at Palms offers a much better alternative in a similar price range.

I think that visitors flock to the Orleans buffet (as well as the Gold Coast buffet) mostly because the B-Connected (players card) program includes several monthly promotions whereby you can sometimes eat for as little as 2 dollars! Without a promotion I’d always recommend Palms over any other buffets in this off-Strip area.

If your reason to come to this buffet is mainly the price and you are not in the area, it would be foolish to comOrleans Vegas Buffet Reviewe all the way to the Orleans hotel to eat, unless of course it’s during the weekend (but even then I’d recommend the Palms buffet for best value considering food quality). You will usually find comparable choices where you are staying, (except South Strip, where all buffets have dramatically collapsed in quality), especially if you are in downtown Vegas).

Orleans Vegas Buffet Review in brief, this is not the great and relatively affordable Studio B or decent and cheap Red Rock buffets, to put it mildly, but then you know that: it probably cannot be any cheaper (with a B-Connected card), especially on weekends!  The only real competitor in the area is – as we already said – the equally affordable Palms buffet (in some aspects a lot better).

Food Stations (Orleans Vegas Buffet Review)

As for the actual food, here you will find the usual, basic buffet stations: Barbeque (good pork ribs and good sauces), Chinese (decent food, better than at some other cheap buffets), Italian (definitely nowhere near as good at Bellagio’s or Aria’s or at the super expensive Bacchanal buffet, but then good Italian food is only found at a handful of places in Vegas, such as specialized upscale restaurants), Mexican, Seafood (no crab and lobster for lunch, but then you usually don’t find these in ‘cheap’ buffet – you will be able to have crab on Wednesday special dinner, see below) and American (some of them typical of the New Orleans area).

The salad station is large enough and good enough, though don’t expect any exciting choices here, unlike at Cravings but even unlike the cheap but good Palms buffet, for example. The dessert section is good enough and varied enough.

The breakfast station includes a made-to-order omelette station, which is very popular.

Orleans Vegas Buffet Review Hours and Prices

Monday – Friday: Breakfast  8:00am – 10:00am
Monday – Friday: Lunch 11:00am – 3:00pm
Monday – Saturday: Dinner 4:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Brunch 8:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday: Dinner 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Price: if you have a B-Connected card (always check with the establishment since this can change without notice):

Breakfast: $9.99  –  Lunch: $11.99  –  Saturday & Sunday Brunch: $20.99 (Champagne Seafood Brunch)

Special Dinners:

Friday: $25.99 (Seafood, including Crab Legs)
They used to have other special dinners but they did not during our last visit.  Always double-check by calling the buffet the day before you go or the very same day.
All Day Long Buffet Pass: $28.00 ($31.00 on Friday)

As with all buffet prices, please double-check with the establishment because they can change the price suddenly without notice.  Phone: 1-702-365-7111 • Toll Free: 800-ORLEANS (800-675-3267)

Location:  4500 West Tropicana Avenue; it’s off-Strip, definitely not walking distance; however they offer a great shuttle service to mid-Strip.

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