Best Pools in Vegas Easy & Quick Guide

Best Pools in Vegas. If you like to spend time by a pool, making sure you have access to a great one is essential when you reserve a resort in Las Vegas. So, which main Vegas resorts have the best pools? We’ve compiled a realistic list with some photos which we hope you find helpful:

best pools in vegas Mirage, Mid Strip, Vegas. (for those seeking a tropical, green ‘feel’). They have a fantastic (main) pool area with several fabulous waterfalls, amongst plenty of greenery. It would be truly heavenly if it weren’t for the fact that it’s packed with visitors, especially during the weekend. Here you may have problems finding an available deck chair, but if you go outside the weekend or at different times in the day, you will eventually find your perfect spot. When you do, you will think you’re in some tropical island. No irritating, thumping music but only the waterfall sounds. Truly great for all ages and truly one of the very best pools in Vegas. They also have ”Bare’, a loud, crazy section for those loving… Pool parties :).

Don’t be misled by the many ’empty’ chairs: many of them are actually all ‘booked’ early in the morning (see the towels), and it’s actually a problem at Mirage (finding an available deck chair), so much so that you can only leave your chairs unattended for up to 2 hours.  But, in fairness, not only at Mirage, though here everybody wants to use this magnificent pool pools in vegas

Note about the main Mirage pool: like several other Vegas resorts, the main pool at Mirage (the waterfall pool depicted above) is overall significantly shallow: unfortunately most of the best pools in Vegas lack depth for swimming.

Mandalay Bay, South Strip, Vegas. The beach area is made of a man-made beach with real sand and machine-made waves creating the real sound of the ocean. Very clever and absolutely fabulous, especially if you want to pretend you are at the some Caribbean islands resort; try to pick a deck chair close to the ‘shore’, so that you can enjoy the fabulous sounds of the waves rather than the sounds of the nearby bar. They also have various small pools and a water river ride (quite fun!). However, the whole area is packed. All you see is people everywhere.  Despite the crowds, it’s definitely one of the best pools in Vegas.  Those who like to exercise in the water will need to go further into the pool area, where it’s almost always shaded, where the waves ‘start’. We have a video of the whole Mandalay Bay beach & pool areas (you may have to scroll down our video list).

The wave area is packed with children and youngsters trying to play with the waves and a number of lifeguards to make sure you stand in the right spot when the wave comes. To get in or out of this beach area you will need your room key; there are serious gates everywhere to prevent walk-ins. Those who like some depth will enjoy the far end of the wave pool.

♥ Aria’s Pools. Beautiful area with several pools (though one open only to VIP/suite guests) modern yet soothing and green. 3 different, large pool areas, a couple of large outdoors jacuzzis and a large pool bar between 2 pools. Delightfully open in winter (one of the 3 pools). Contemporary yet elegant and stylish through and through. Their pools cater to all preferences, which is a welcome feature.  Elegant throughout.

 ♥ Bellagio (mid Strip, Vegas. The Bellagio pools are beautiful; they are several (5) and include two lap pool and four whirlpools; all Bellagio pools are relatively separate, all in a mini-world by themselves, reminiscing the Italian lakes and the surrounding villages, or a huge Italian villa with sumptuous gardens (complete with citrus trees and hand-carved statues): best pools in vegasall very picturesque and very beautifully designed. The Bellagio pools are more peaceful than the party-thumping, ear-deafening pools so many Vegas resorts have now metamorphosed into. They too cater to all pool preferences (huge, smaller with waterfalls, etc), which is, again, something we wish all Vegas pools offered. The image here – of one of their several pools – was taken in winter and in the evening, so it was dark and semi-deserted (which is not what you’ll find earlier in the day or in warmer months, of course).  We have a detailed video of the Bellagio pools.

The MGM Grand Pools (South Strip). I love the fact that they have a main pool for everybody and 2 separate adult pools: one for those who want to do laps or just swim and the other for those who want to play a sports activity in the pool, or just mess around with their friends. Finally, they have a beautiful lazy river and a beautiful waterfall pool (albeit small) and… for those who want to party, they have the famous Wet Republic area. Every single inch of the MGM pool areas is crowded though. We have a video of the MGM pools, if you want to see for yourself (but read on first!)

♥ The almost-24-hour pool at Hooters (see the 2 images here). Well, we have been told it’s open 24 hours, best pools in vegasthough some also said it sometimes closes at 2am. But, overall, given the resort, this pool was a bit of a surprise to us. Hooters is currently a ‘cheap’ (in every sense and, in our experience, poorly maintained and managed) South Strip alternative, but they have spent serious money for their 24-hour gym as well as their pool area. What I liked the most of the latter is the fact that it’s always open or at least, it’s open until 2am (!). vegas hooters resort poolWe were there at 3am and at 4am and enjoyed their multiple jacuzzis, their pools and their lovely waterfall. The pool was of varying depth, so suitable for everybody. Let us show you their multiple pool areas:

Wynn/Encore (towards North Strip, Vegas) We like the elegant Wynn pools with their waterfalls theme, which is very beautiful, very classily done and is recurring throughout the resort.

♥ The Flamingo Pool Area (mid Strip, Vegas). It’s extremely crowded but it’s a nice-enough pool area, with some tropical foliage (though not to the extent of Mirage pool) and a nice, lagoon-style layout (main pool), again, in the style of the huge lagoon at Mirage. They also have an adult-only pool, which is also super-crowded on ‘high-traffic’ dates.

♥ The Huge Pool Area at Excalibur (see image – South Strip, Vegas). For those on a low budget, if all you care about is a huge pool with several other pools areas (including an adult-only pool and a children’s pool) you can go to the Excalibur. They have 1 huge pool with a nice albeit small waterfall and 3 additional smaller pools as mentioned above.  We welcome the adult-only pool but 1) it’s the furthest from the resort and, worst of all 2) you will be charged to access it. (Can you believe it?).  excalibur-poolsThere will be loud music, unfortunately (though the young crowds are supposed to love it), but if you go close enough to the waterfall area you won’t hear it anymore! Unfortunately, these days they reserve the waterfall area for those paying an additional fee (ridiculous for the Excalibur).

Downtown Vegas Pools: Downtown Vegas is catching up to the extensive re-modernizing of the Strip. One of the best pool areas in this part of town is considered to be that of super crowded Golden Nugget (see image).

best pools in vegas but so crowdedhere you will enjoy a round-shaped pool with a unique center feature: a shark and big fish tank; so, as you swim around, you can enjoy looking at the fish and pretend that you are swimming with them! There are two small waterfalls on each side of the pool, a very nice feature reminding me of the great Mirage Pools, and an closed water ride intersecting the shark tank, to add further fun and visual stimuli to the ride itself. Quite fun. The VIP cabanas are on the 2 higher floors, surrounded by some greenery.

All in all it’s a very nice pool and most people seem to enjoy it thoroughly. The only problem is that it’s small, although they have used the available space in the very best and creative way possible; we also don’t like the fact that it’s shaded for long periods during the day, because it’s small and surrounded by high buildings. On weekends, when most Vegas pools are packed, this one looks particularly crowded, more so (for example), than the huge Excalibur pools, for the very reason that there is limited space. Moreover, gambling tables are placed right in front of the pool and, though it can be fun for table players, the limited space becomes even more limited.

M Resort Pool (see image). Definitely one of the best pools in Vegas: excellent, classy looking pool with… Loud music. Ideal for a pool party with a touch of class. best pools in vegas m resortGreat water chairs for perfect sunbathing. Modern, slick. The M resort is accessible driving South of Las Vegas Boulevard South, well after Mandalay Bay.  Perfect place to gamble and eat only if you have a car or if you are 4 sharing a taxi (the photo was taken late in the evening, when they were closing):

Hard Rock Cafe Pool. Ideal for a pool party in that it’s loud, very crowded and party-style; if you are a young party crowd you will think it’s one of the best pools in Vegas:  it offers great VIP cabanas with plasma screen TVs and an overall busy, party-style atmosphere scattered around different pool areas. Very crowded and not the largest pool area in Vegas, so not ideal if you seek peace and relaxation.

Palms Resort Pool.  (See image).  best pools in vegas palmsA favorite among couples aged 27-37 wanting a bit of ‘extra’ from their resort or small groups in the same age range. Spacious, modern, with comfortable ‘beds’; the music was ‘smooth’ too and not annoying like in some other pools :)…  I enjoyed the views from this pools.  I think it’s definitely one of the best pools in Vegas, at least for now; after it’s changed management (rumors that it’ll become part of the Stations chain).. Well, we’ll have to wait and see… But we’ll keep you updated.

Caesar’s Pools: very nice and stylish in the ‘Roman Empire’ style, though mainly shallow (so not greatly suitable for swimming); it’s very crowded in high season (most good pools are) with DJ’s performing from the higher stage during weekends (thus, it does not offer a relaxing feel). Moreover, it does not offer a tropical feel at all since there is practically no foliage. However, if you like this style (and don’t mind lack of greenery), you will like Caesar’s Pools. We were disappointed to see that the pool was essentially non-operational in winter (unlike many year-round Vegas pools), though at least we could walk around and enjoy the fountains!  To us, the best pools in Vegas must be operational (at least in part) during winter too.  You can view our video of these pools on Caesar’s Palace Pool in Vegas.

Note: the pool at Cosmopolitan offers great views of the Strip (being on higher floors); it’s very trendy and aesthetically pleasing.  This is an all-round great resort with a good pool, but maybe not one of the very best pools in Vegas.

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