Silverton Buffet Review & Promotions

Promotions run by this buffets are described further down, as well as location & how to get there.

New Chef, new life!  It’s always been the kind of buffet, away from the main tourist areas, which most Vegas tourists don’t know about; however, it’s now good food & a nice environment for budget prices.  It will not make the list of the very best buffets in Vegas,  of course, mostly because there is no real dish providing the wow-factor nor is there enough variety to make it a memorable experience (as in the case of the huge Studio B, for example).  However, when we eat at Silverton we expect a decent, nice, budget buffet and we have never walked away disappointed.  If your expectations are not unrealistic for this price, you will like it.  It’s a good affordable choice (especially now with the new chef and the recent changes); it’s an affordable option if you happen to drive around that area (mostly suitable for those located South Strip, where the choice of good buffets is very limited), and you don’t want to drive all the way to Studio B at M Resort.  Moreover, they offer a large variety of special dinners with a small discount for players card holders (easy and free to obtain on the spot).

Ambiance & Décor.  I find the Silverton buffet comfortable and spacious, at times offering almost a ‘quiet and intimate’ atmosphere, with plenty of booths and nice dim lights so you can actually enjoy your meal without being blinded by bright lights.   I found it inviting; the absence of any significant line up was also welcome.  One of the things I dread every time I go to huge, good and affordable Studio B (or even at the super affordable Red Rock & Palms buffets) is the long line up (I know it’s worth it, so I endure it, but it’s long!).  But at Silverton you just arrive and get seated, more or less.  So, if you are in the area (more on the location further down) and fancy a quick, affordable lunch costing you around 10 dollars, here you won’t waste any time.  It may be a little different for their special dinners and on weekends.

Fresh.  With the new changes the focus here is on serving fresh food; on a different ‘league’, this is provided by the delicious Mirage buffet, but we do welcome such efforts from a ‘budget’ buffet.

Food Stations.  Here you can find the-omnipresent American & Comfort Food (including macaroni & cheese, mash potatoes & yam), a carving station (the popular sir loin as well as roast beef, chicken, turkey & ham); a Mexican station (grilled fish tacos alternated with ground beef tacos, Menudo (tripe soup, made of stomach and/or bowels), Albondigas (meat balls) soup and/or Pozole (another meat soup);  a Seafood station (including shrimps & cocktail shrimps – clams, oysters, cod, cedar plank salmon & cod); an Asian station (which includes Beef & Broccoli, Egg Rolls, various soups, Pad Thai alternated with Chow Mein); an Italian-style section (which includes a popular made-to-order pasta and of course pizza) are here, as well as a good salad bar with good toppings (including artichokes!), a made-from-scratch dessert section and a fruit section.  You can also find a specialty station, which varies often, as well as a popular omelet bar (breakfast and brunch).  Vegas can find some grilled vegetables & other vegetables in various stations, but nothing different from what most Vegas buffets offer; the salad section at the Silverton buffet stands out from many other cheap buffets because they offer great toppings such as the expensive artichokes; how long this is going to last for, I don’t know: I find that many Vegas buffets start well and then ‘slip up’.

The dessert section is average but supposedly ‘made from scratch’, which is always a much better way to serve desserts; it also includes chocolate strawberries and (of course) Neapolitan ice cream flavors.

On special dinners you’ll find the widest variety of food; moreover, for Sunday Brunch (some call it Bellini Brunch, named after the cocktails they serve) you’ll enjoy good eggs Benedict (nice sauce, if they can keep it up), Sushi, prime rib and, for the alcohol lovers, Bellini cocktails with orange, raspberry and mango amongst others.

2 for 1 and free buffet promotions

They recently introduced a by-one-get-one free deal (some call it BOGO); this takes place once a week (the day of the week changes), provided you have a players card (you can sign up there and then) and, on the day of this special deal, you can print a coupon to be used (on the day) for the buffet; this makes an already affordable buffet even cheaper: you can have lunch for as little as 5 dollars (with the promotion). The totally free buffet promotion is for those signing up to their players card and earning as little as 50 points through casino play; this one is not hugely different from what many other casino properties offer, especially if outside of the main tourist areas.  Any of these deals are particularly attractive during the higher priced weekend brunches and dinners, when 20 dollar entries become a super affordable weekend meal for only 10 dollars.

Tip on line ups:  the Silverton buffet is usually rather tranquil with little or no line ups; however, on 2 for 1 nights it can get rather crowded, so give yourself some time.

Hours and Prices Silverton Buffet:

Lunch Monday – Friday 11am – 3pm ($9.99 with Silverton Rewards card) $10.99 Regular Price – On Monday are 50+ Buffet Day – Seniors age 50+ enjoy 50% off a Buffet all day when they show their Silverton Rewards Club card with the 50+ sticker on it and a valid photo ID.

Dinner (Regular):  4pm – 9pm $13.99 with their players card otherwise $15.99

Special Dinners:

Friday: 11am – 3pm (Lunch), 4pm – 9pm (Summer Buffet Dinner)

Saturday: 10am – 3pm (Brunch), 4pm – 9pm (Polynesian Dinner)

Sunday: 10am – 3pm (Brunch), 4pm – 9pm (Dinner)

Dinner Friday – Summer Buffet  4pm – 9pm  ($19.99 with Silverton Rewards card)  $21.99 Regular Price; here they will serve fresh, summer time items like Herb Crusted New York, Shrimp Cocktail, Rosemary Mustard Pork Loin, Steamed Ginger Soy White Fish and more.

Dinner Saturday – Polynesian Buffet Dinner Saturday – Polynesian Buffet 4pm – 9pm   ($19.99 with Silverton Rewards card)   $21.99 Regular Price

Bellini Brunch Saturday and Sunday – 10am – 3pm – ($17.99 with Silverton Rewards card) $19.99 Regular Price

They can provide private VIP areas, like the huge Studio B.   Kids 3 and under eat free, kids  4 – 6 pay half price, similar to many other Vegas buffets.  They charge 18% gratuity for parties of 8 or more, pretty standard in Vegas.

Location & How to Get to the Silverton Hotel & Casino

Located south the the Strip, about 10 minutes by car, it’s not a place you can easily go unless you are renting a car; however, if you happen to be in the northern part of mid Strip, there is a free shuttle service from the Forum Shops (outside of course), which are part of the huge Caesar’s Palace complex.  The shuttle is small and the service is infrequent, but you can read details on their own page.

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