Flamingo or Excalibur in Vegas?

Flamingo or Excalibur? Las Vegas Hotels Easy Comparisons. I would have never said, a few years ago at least, that Flamingo would be part of the cheaper budget Vegas resort options on the Strip, but now it certainly is, with comfort and quality of service to match (well, maybe you should read further on for my explanation on this!). So, which one is better for a lower budget? Flamingo or Excalibur?

 Location on the Vegas Strip: Flamingo is better located, right in the middle of the Strip (very near Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace and so on). Excalibur is South Strip but ideal if you plan to go to MGM Grand, visit NYNY or even walk to the new Vegas City Center (where Aria is). South Strip went through a bad phase but, in the last few months, it’s undergoing a strong revival and remodeling (see the new Park area and the new green walk along the Strip on our real Vegas videos page).  However, if you plan to visit Venetian, Mirage, Wynn and Caesar’s well… It’ll be a long trek if you intend to walk there.  There are shuttles you can take to cut some of the walk short (and things will continue to develop in the future), but for now you will have to walk somewhat. flamingo or excalibur

Quality of Rooms (Flamingo or Excalibur?): Excalibur has a large variety of rooms, from ‘higher end’ (still within budget choices) to very low budget. Now that their cheapest rooms (Tower 1) have been remodeled, I’d say Excalibur is very much a decent choice for everybody; their rooms are clean (but their air conditioning system is the old fashioned type), basic but decent through and through; we slept really well and we were given a quiet room just as we asked (they have so many!); I like their higher-floor rooms overlooking the outside. In terms of choice of rooms, Excalibur offers fewer choices but the ‘basic’ rooms are much better than Flamingo’s. Having said this, some of the better Flamingo rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated, with very nice hard-wood floor (initiation), making it easier to clean and keep clean I’m sure.  Flamingo’s large variety of rooms range from tiny and far too ‘red’ or ‘pink’ (not soothing to the eye) to something nice and larger, and more ‘soothing’ to the eye; the ones which were remodeled ‘cheaply’ really showed it and, although they looked ‘fun’ and may appeal to younger crowds, they did not appeal to us.  Excalibur bathrooms (in the ‘basic’ rooms) are better than flamingo in that they are much larger, though they don’t have bath tubs, only large shower cubicles (very large!). But Flamingo bathrooms were not all remodeled and those which were not were… Outdated and not in the best condition to say the least.  The internet at Flamingo was great on our last visit; however, I would not be surprised if things changed again, since Caesar’s Palace now offers only very basic internet with their ridiculously high resort fee (which means that if you want high speed internet you have to pay for it).

Casino: better at Flamingo or Excalibur?: Excalibur has a larger, better casino. Flamingo has to be one of the smokiest casinos with very poor air ventilation, matched only by Harrah’s.

Buffet: better Excalibur or Flamingo? both average at best, but Flamingo’s new limited opening times makes it a little more challenging.  Excalibur’s has been remodeled but the food is still not as good as it should be.  Check our reviews of the Excalibur buffet and the Flamingo buffet.

Pool: better at Flamingo or Excalibur? The Excalibur pool area is huge, with a new adults-only area (for which you have to pay, though, shockingly) and a fun kids-area; Flamingo pool areas are much nicer but far too small and packed in our opinion.  Check our best Vegas pools for more information.

Noise: Flamingo can be a very noisy place, if your room overlooks the courtyard (but Excalibur pool rooms can also be relatively noisy). Full details on Flamingo on our page titled Flamingo or Luxor (the second part of that page is all about Flamingo). 

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