Flamingo Buffet Review (Las Vegas)

Flamingo buffet review: this used to be a good Vegas buffet offering great value for money but, for the last few years its quality and selection have decreased if not actually plummeted, unfortunately.  Having said this, I saw an improvement on our last visit, which happened to be during a special holiday (namely, when most Vegas buffets make a real effort and raise their prices).  Full review with link to our video review further down.

They are now only open for brunch during the week; dinner is available only on weekends.  Quite a disappointment if you are thinking of eating here using your 24 hour buffet pass, though you probably would not make this your top choice.  If you can find 2 for 1 buffet offers for Flamingo, as well as 50% off the flat price, it’s well worth a visit of course (more on buffet discounts on special buffet deals; also keep an eye on our Vegas Deals of the Week since the buffet at Flamingo publishes discount coupons online).  But now let’s get into the details of our Flamingo buffet review:

Atmosphere. If you are lucky enough to sit close to its huge glass windows overlooking its ‘flamingos habitat’, you will certainly enjoy the waterfalls as well as the live flamingos and other beautiful creatures such as ducks and large types of fish. This section is usually for diamond and platinum Total Rewards players, or other VIP guests; however, if it’s a slow day they may let you sit there regardless. The rest of the dining area (which is large and bright throughout if you go in the day) is average. Flamingo Buffet Review

Breakfast (Flamingo buffet review). There are fabulous or simply very good breakfast buffets in Vegas (such as Aria’s, Rio’s, Wynn’sStudio B (brunch) and, of course, the super cheap but decent Palms  & Red Rock buffets.  The Flamingo breakfast buffet was, for years, a decent one; these days it’s not much but if all you care about is  basic bacon, eggs and some toast, then it’s as good as any, although the best Vegas buffets have food that taste better and is probably better quality all around. At this buffet you will find the ubiquitous made-to-order omelettes, Belgian waffles, corned beef hash, roasted sausages, bacon, fried potatoes and juices (but not the fresh juices of Cosmopolitan, though at least the orange juice here is not just flavored water), and of course a relatively small dessert section.

Lunch. (Flamingo buffet review). Very small and not exciting (to say the least) although, on special holiday brunches/lunches, we have recently witnessed a real effort to improve the variety of dishes offered. On regular (cheaeper) mid-week brunches, the only sections that are present are Chinese (small and less than average quality) and Mexican (large enough but not good enough, I’d say – though the made-to-order quesadillas could be good if prepared well, which were not). These days I’d recommend to Flamingo if you have a 2 for 1 buffet deal or a 50% off buffet deal (check our Vegas Deals of the Week since they often post coupons online, which we include on the list). Otherwise, if you have to pay full price, I would not bother. However, it is much more affordable than most other Strip buffets, especially during weekends or on special holidays, when other Strip buffets raise their prices to sky high levels.

Dinner.  As mentioned above, dinner is only available here during weekends, when you will find more variety and more of the ‘sought-after’ dishes, such as the ubiquitous crab legs and steak station. There used to be unique dishes here, such as Pad Thai (which used to be good here), but these days those delicacies are no longer offered. They do offer a Singapore Lo Mein with thin rice noodles (though lately other, better Vegas buffets have copied this welcome trend).

Price. It’s no longer so temptingly cheap; currently I’d cross the road and eat at the much better Mirage buffet for only a little more (breakfast or lunch, when the difference is not so marked).  For a different experience, you could walk to T.I. buffet, which is very small but set in a classy atmosphere. The cheapest (good) Vegas buffet not too far away is Palms buffet, great if you drive or if you are willing to take either the free shuttles to Rio (and cross the road) or the frequent regular bus stopping by the side of Caesar’s Palace. Out of the Caesar Entertainment buffets in Las Vegas, Rio Carnival and Seafood Buffet is currently the best and well worth the free shuttle trip to it.

We have a recent video of the Flamingo buffet during a special holiday occasion (when most Vegas buffets offer the best they can) on our Real Vegas Videos page.  Prices and hours below:

Hours and Prices (Flamingo Buffet Review)

Weekly Brunch Buffet:
Mon – Fri: $19.99
Sat – Sun: $22.99
*Kids 4-9: $10.99
*Kids 0-3: Free
Dinner Buffet: $28.99

Open Daily 7am – 2pm
Dinner Buffet Fri & Sat: 5pm – 10pm

Hours and prices vary without notice so, as always, please check by calling them on (702) 733-3333 or 3111 and be specific in your questions. Often prices advertised are for those with a total rewards card, so make sure you sign up for one before going to the buffet (it’s free).

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